Monday, June 12, 2017

A Flatlander Throwback Offers His Opinion

A couple of new friends were showing a woman from France about the old town. They expressed they were all concerned about the Paris initiative and how America has withdrawn. When I mentioned that I didn't believe in 'climate change' they were all aghast, incredulous as if I had stated I am one that still holds to a flat earth cosmology. I replied to their astonished faces that I am always suspicious of ideas and movements that must change the phrase by which the idea or movement is known. When the phrase 'global warming' (which actually says something) a concept that could be refuted, was changed to the new term 'climate change' (which only states the irrefutable obvious) I was even more suspicious. Especially in its change to a something that no one can argue against. Climate (like everything) changes. It is simply the nature of existence. As I mentioned that I was very much in favor of America extricating herself from the Paris Agreement, they expressed, a disappointment and surprise akin to a religious refutation. Why, that their new friend should be so blind to the obvious to which all science has validated beyond any doubt! How could such a thing be in a time and place where such things are readily known? Was this new friend a flatland throwback? The man of the trio shook his head mournfully and said it was too depressing to continue along this thread. Yet, I was glad that they were still open to the friendship and the visit was salvaged as we came to inspect the sycamore maple whose limb had come down in Friday's storm. And I think they were encouraged a little that their new friend was not as he seemed to be for a moment: an enemy of nature. And yes, we all saw that, trees too, change.


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