Saturday, June 30, 2018

Ontological Confusion

We started with babies are not babies; and now we are at men are not men, women are not women, boys are not boys, girls are not girls. Where will it end?

Friday, June 29, 2018

Semantic Haloes

In his Studies of Words C.S. Lewis wrote of 'semantic haloes', the practice of making a word or idea sacrosanct, giving it an encompassed, often emotive, reading which destroys the definition. Instead of being a word of description of something definite, it becomes a term of praise or condemnation. We are presently seeing so much language used this way (largely for the end of social engineering) that one almost needs a seperate dictionary for this hagiography of language.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

The Separation That Didn't Seem to Matter

On the separation of children from their parents, especially mothers. Somehow I don't remember any such outrage when the feminists succeeded in separating mothers from children and having them, the children, placed in detention centers euphemistically called "Day Care" while the mothers were liberated from the confining home to the freedom of the factory.

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Interrogate the Text

Interrogate the text. Given a photo, a bit of print media, a headline with a leading adverb like "deceitfully" or "hatefully", we must first evaluate the source. If it is from the Huffington Post, NY Times, TIME magazine, Newsweak (misspelling intentional), CNN, MSNBC, consider that these agencies, have long since ceased to be agencies of news but architects of social engineering. Consider their anti-America, Anti-Trump, Anti-Conservative, Anti-Morality, and most importantly, Anti-Christ agenda. Consider how the text or photo molds our opinions perhaps through an emotive---children are often quite handy---especially in photos---and crying children most especially (how easy it is to get a child to cry on cue---quite handy as a propagandic tool). And consider the end game: emotional manipulation that would seek to make us, even the religious, atheistic allies to a godless country, a godless world.

Friday, June 22, 2018

Josef Goebels Would Be Thrilled

The propaganda today in images and words would have thrilled Josef Goebbels. Could he have imagined a magazine like TIME, a "mainstream" periodical, posting a cover of a gigantic Patriarchal Capitalist Businessman Conservative Hater Hard-Hearted Hitler towering over a tiny child crying. Goebbels must be applauding where he is in his eternal rest.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

The Left Weeps. Children in Cages.

The Left weeps. Children in cages. Who can blame them? Somehow the children that made it by their scalpels and vacuum hoses, suction tubes and kindly calipers have made it into the world. I supposed the Leftists loved them then too when they were in the womb, or perhaps that was a cage needing liberation from? 
Anyhow the Left most recently celebrates the liberation of Ireland from her children no doubt with only kindness as their motive. Only a religious hater I suppose would lament the dismemberment of the little arms and legs, fingers and toes, the excavation of the skull of all that brain matter. Of course, the Left certainly wouldn't lament such progress. After all their compassion lies in not restricting immigration to these little ones that happened to make it through the warzone of wombdom. Now they will be placed in palaces. I for one thought at first the Left was using children as political pawns---but then I had to ask how could anyone ever think the Left would stoop to that? They really love little ones---don't all the contraceptive and abortive rants tell us this? So I must acknowledge that it appears that such moralists on the Left are guiding us. Somehow I had the mistaken notion that they were against anything good; but I can see now that it was we conservatives and Christians who were the real anti-moralists. Hopefully we conservatives and Christians can undergo a real miracle of the metanoia of the mind. Hopefully we too will come to view the child as a disposable doll when it is in the womb and to live when outside the womb, wherever, regardless of the law, he wishes.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

I Remember the Days

For Father's Day: I remember the days parking at the State Police Barracks by the Museum of Science and walking over to the Garden with a boy's expectancy to see the Bruins. And I remember passing in the tickets and jumping the stairs not to miss a thing, and to hear over the speakers, "Goal Number Four, Orr, assist..." Ah, we missed it! And then to get our seats in the aisle---and many did this---and the ushers walking the perimeter of the Garden knew this as well, and they would motion us out of the aisle and up the walkway. He would leave and every one of us aisle-sittings would take up residence again in these which seemed the best seats anyone could have. Yet, we kept an eye on seats that were still unclaimed by the end of the second period and we'd make our way down to them...or sometimes just stay put. That was fine, because there in front of you, Dad, I was safe and so full of happiness with you shouting behind me that there must be something like aisle seats and hockey in heaven.