Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Sitting in the Carmelite Chapel Today

It came to me today sitting in the carmelite chapel today for the feast of the Korean martyrs with an Indian (Asian) priest celebrating the liturgy in a Delhi accent how catholic the Catholic church really is.


Writing. How is it that marks on a piece of paper (or a screen in this case) have any meaning? We of course seldom if at all question these things we call letters that form words, and these words that form paragraphs, and these paragraphs that form pages, and these pages that make books. Isn't it amazing that alpha and beta mean something and our hands write what our brain conceives and that just might have meaning for another pair of eyes? I think it is often the case that we don't believe in God because we seldom think to think on these things we take for granted when they should astonish us and keep us in the firm conviction of a great Conceiver of the wondrous.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

She is Carrying an Illegal Child

On Catholic radio the phrase.... "she is carrying an illegal child". What happens in China, said the priest being interviewed, was that such a woman would be brought to one of the many clinics throughout the country to undergo Cesarean section to have the child removed and disposed of. The priest went on to say that he witnessed this before he was a man of faith and as someone who didn't see anything wrong in abortion. But being in China and witnessing the women brought to the room where the disposal would take place, their motherly wailing, the cold sterility with which the little life would be removed, he came to see the great evil; and in seeing the great evil realized that such an evil must of necessity imply the existence of a great good. After more reflection he understood that to know such a great good could only mean that there was a creator of good, and that creator was the God of Christianity. And then he became a Christian, and then he became a priest.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

The Journal's Return

Thanks to the good tourist from Worcester who brought my forgotten journal to my door this morning from its involuntary abandonment last night at Fort Sewell while I watched the harbor as it summer slept.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Kim Jong-un and Climate Change

Am I right in wondering where the contingent of concerned climate change people heading over to North Korea is? After all it would seem to me that detonating thermo Nuclear devices might effect CO2 levels. Wouldn't one think there might be a mass movement of the climate concerned to persuade Kim Jong-un about his environmental indescretions? It seems to me, who am no scientist and yes, admittedly woefully ignorant of the progress or regress of climate towards either eventual boiling or freezing, that the North Korean dictator may indeed be more influential in effecting a carbon footprint than even a West Virginia coal burning plant.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Hint of Beginning Blush

Good to get back out into the Wenham Woods. Already a hint of beginning blush in the tupelo and swamp maple. Golden rod sprays its handfulls of yellow upon the ubiquitous thick summer green alongside the bike trail. Jo pyeweed and spicebush make me stop and observe the bees pawing at the pollen. I get the sense they too know that their time is limited. They realize summer only lasts forever in another world they only dimly perceive as through a glass darkly.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Mere Christianity

I think one of the great contributions to current Christendom are the writings of C. S. Lewis. It was not only due to his wealthy creativity, or his nearly impeccable logic, or his vast reading in the classics, or his fluency in the ancient tongues, but that he had a sense of what made up in Baxter's phrase, Mere Christianity. He did see the sense of what this faith was at its core. And that core was Christ. This had to be. Without this Christ-core one was putting up sand castles with high tide in the forecast.