Tuesday, November 21, 2017

One Less House Sparrow

Today enjoying a good conversation and the birds, all house sparrows until...until a hawk dropped out of nowhere at our feet and snatched one of the sparrows, flew off, six inches off the ground through a maze of juniper. Afterwards my friend and I remarked how it didn't look like a blue jay could get through such a maze---and here a hawk with his prey in his talons through the maze as if he had built-in radar. Amazing the design of the world!

Monday, November 20, 2017

Conspiracy Theorist?

At fellowship after church a parishioner says to me she is "not a conspiracy theorist". She says it in response to the great harvest of harassment claims from women who gain a video-cam memory after decades---all just in time to cripple a candidate for the senate, an appointee for the Court, conservative front-runners during presidential campaigns, mass shootings of casinos and churches that become so deadly quiet after the briefest of news cycles (one might be tempted to wonder why such silence over what were never called hate crimes), the "peaceful" protests that we are told happen organically at so many Trump events before and after his election, the sudden arise of iconoclasts who march upon statues in a secular crusade to clean the South of her heroes, and on and on. I respond with: "First can we ask do conspiracies happen? It seems that not only do they happen but conspiracies are quite common.. When I used to watch the NFL (past tense) I knew that each team every week conspired to get an advantage over the other team. A pitcher and catcher in baseball conspire for a 100 pitches a game to get a batter out. An army conspires with maps and strategy and decoys and spies. A mother conspires to get her daughter ambition enough to tidy her room. Two antagonists in a chess match conspire for checkmate. It isn't at all rare. It is quite the reverse. So I wonder of those that make one feel as though he has become cognitively unbalanced to hold such a view---could even this in itself be part of the conspiracy? Might we indeed be after all propagandized pawns in the chess match?

The USCCB and its Urgency Over America's Runaway Racism

On hearing what the USCCB is currently regarding as their priority, the runaway racism that is endemic here in America, that is the America in which so many people, and many of various colors, seek to come. The Columbo in me has to ask before departing out the door. "There's just one problem, Bishop Kaepernick. I have, something nagging at me. I know I'm not very bright and so if you will enlighten me. Why would such people, the non-Caucasians, risk so much to come to a land of Nazi concentration camps and KKK bonfires? Why would they come to a land where the Gestapo in blue are looking for people of differing pigmentation to eliminate at a simple traffic stop for a blown tail-light? Somehow I get the sense, Bishop Kaepernick, that there is a much more real racism taking place. Might it be that the disposal of the littlest of the human race in clinics in every major city in the country be something that should be a priority---and it goes without saying getting people to know Jesus Christ? In our current priorities might we be taking our cues for our sins from football players and the various Saul Alinskys in our midst? Shouldn't we be bending the knee for and to other things?

Friday, November 17, 2017

Facebook Caution

One can't be too careful these days. So there were a few posts here on facebook I really liked and you know there is that one emoticon of the heart. Well I am no way neurotic about Big Brother (or now I guess one could say in lieu of the harassment accusations "Big Sister") of betraying my likes or loves out in the open. I don't think it's neurotic at all in being cautious in using the heart emoticon. Just makes common sense in our current Scarlet Letter culture. And come to think of it even the 'like' button might be too 'revealing' (I even hesitate to use this word). And don't think I'm going to the realm of extreme paranoia in not ever using the 'angry' emoticon. You use that and chances are very good you go into the database. And because I haven't always been so wise in refusing to use these emoticons that can, I know, be used against me, I've been having recurrent anxiety. I had thought of running for the high office of school committee but I'm afraid to keep my sanity and the instantaneous infamy I will already bow out. I really have to as I do believe I have liked a past post in favor of the 10 Commandments being a good rule for life, and I do believe I might have even 'liked' a few posts which weren't as tolerant and diverse as they could have been. So you can see it is the most prudent choice to withdraw my name that I trust isn't too damaged already. Oh, maybe not for I tilt my head and I can hear the accusations already.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

The New Hypnopaedia

In Brave New World, Huxley's Director of BNW mentions hypnopaedia, the conditioning process done to infants in the womb---the constant repetition of ideological 'truths' which implant themselves indelibly in the embryonic minds and go completely unquestioned such as "Even Epsilons are useful". I think we have something similar today. Suggest a slander and keep on suggesting it and say it from different angles and announce it again with a different nuance, and keep using the word 'victim' and show the forty year vintage of tears spilling forth from the perfectly timed tear ducts. And alas you have belief that never even has to go through the filter of oath.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Accusation False

An accusation should it prove false should be a crime worthy of prison time. I do think that would dry many eyes of their tears that have been bottled up for forty years

Whatsoever Things are Good

Reading, writing, hiking. Planting flowers. Raising chickens. Studying the stars. Listening to a little girl reading a fairy tale. Watching a boy play baseball. Taking a walk alone in the woods. Discovering a new tree you didn't know yesterday. Watching birds. Memorizing a sonnet. Thinking about God. How could anyone be bored?