Monday, December 11, 2017

What If? (The Bombing at the NY Port Authority)

I sometimes like to ask 'what if?' What if the explosive device was a little more potent? Say it had the capacity of sending shrapnel into people you actually knew and cared about and not just far away statistic-generic people you have never met? Say it had the capacity to be another 9/11---or even dwarf it had it been say a nuclear device? What it if this man had a name like, Patrick O'Shawnessy? or perhaps Richard Brookfield? and was a devout Catholic, or an on fire evangelical? Would the media be running with it as if this was the pure Hatred that they have created all their No Place for Hate zones over? And lastly, what will it take before we stop calling our President the R word because he dares to stop importing terrorism into this country? What if one day we can remember when bus terminals (as well as churches and casinos) weren't so dangerous as I guess they are today? And what if one day what I just wrote won't appear like hate speech by half the country?

Saturday, December 9, 2017

The Our Father's Modification

With the breakdown in society, the creeping of totalitarian thought, the feminist-fracturing of the family, the rise of the promotion of perversity in all its forms, the cataclysmic loss of chaste men and women to the proliferation of promiscuous playboys and playgirls, the loss of religious liberty (this one liberty the libertine Left seems quite unconcerned about), the ability for bakers to bake who they wish to bake for, the voluntary de-Christianizing of the West, the toxic tales children are fed in the government schools---is it really so urgent that a line of the "Our Father" be changed? Is this the thing that cannot wait? And have we become so dumb that a little catechesis will not cure? Can't we have one thing like the Lord's Prayer that is unchanging in this world that seems to be nothing but fashionable change?

Books as Friends

At St Mary's Men's group this Saturday morning we talked about books, the ability to sit down with a friend like Dickens, Charlotte Bronte, Robert Louis Stevenson, C.S. Lewis, Tolkien. I went around the table and asked for the one book one couldn't do without; Daniel Liporto cited David Copperfield---Dickens best; Niall Macmanus cited the Bible bringing out the fact that we are quite biblically illiterate today---and as one who taught 6th grade religious-ed i would have to agree; Bill Rosser brought up Cicero. Mike Olivo "When Legends Die" (author unremembered); Greg Prentice came up with Mark Twain's Joan of Arc. Mark Brunini, a good orthodox dictionary; I submitted a dystopian grouping: Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four, Huxley's Brave New World, and Lewis's That Hideous Strength--- these help us in being alert to all the hypnopaedia and double-think infecting our minds; Eric Josephson seconded the Bible.
One of the problems with today's reading climate---this the real 'climate change' is that kids don't often read the classics but are given books that further a certain political social agenda. One of the fallouts of such books is that kids, and grown-ups alike, are subjected to fickle friends that divide rather than unite generations with a common canon. Such ungood and unlasting friends are only in the business of manipulating the mind. Instead may we have true friends upon our shelves, and may we visit them regularly, enjoying them with a cup of tea and in the atmosphere of truth.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Something Rotten in the State of Denmark

Could something be, to borrow Hamlet's phrase, rotten in the state of Denmark? When I see the great harvesting of harassmentors, the obsession with climate change (originally 'global warming')...and then suddenly not much is heard about it---(I seem to remember the ozone layer was big news for a time and now...?)Well, something just doesn't add up, or maybe it all adds up too well. Adding to it all is the silence of church leaders concerning the great godless genocide and Sangerian eugenics that dismembers thousands of little ones a day in 'clinics' across the country; the loss of our religious freedom exemplified in something as seemingly innocuous as baking a cake---you'd think these things were rather superficial fundamentalist obsessions when things like the really important Christian considerations like immigration, being nice people, accusations of 'sexual misconduct' by one sex against the other (sounds an awful lot like...oh, identity politics?). And these the same righteously indignant that not long ago were continuously quoting the 'judge not' phrase from the Bible seem to have become quite the judges themselves. And aren't these the same folks that have fought for children to be taught sex-ed and given condoms as if they were handing out candy? You see I'm just trying to understand. Doesn't it seem that ridding children of their innocence and creating such a sexualized culture that even Hugh Heffner might blush---that these things would eventually bring out a culture that was quite laden with the fallout of sexual soot? These the very ones crying to high heaven that they have the right to destroy black and white babies but any Civil War monuments in the South don't fit our moral imprimatur. Perhaps I need more understanding. But I have to think that it just seems our cultural cleansing of our history has an Orwellian feel to it. I guess we are quite compassionate of the PC squeamish, and are so righteous that we can righteously cast the characterizations 'racist', 'sexist', 'homophobe' as accurate depictions of the American character. But doesn't all of this seem a bit sudden? Maybe even choreographed? The choreographed feast perhaps of termites among the truth? Yes, I must conclude that all considered it does make me think that there is something rotten, something very rotten in the state of Denmark.

Something Going On...

Somehow I don't recall when Obama called for this moratorium on illegal immigration a claim that here was Hitler reincarnated, no USCCB bishop concerned that this was the supremely unchristian act, no pope denied the President's salvation. Hmmm. Just makes one wonder that when the globalist president says it it met with approval, when the 'make America great again' president says it it is received as the rage of a racist fascist. Something seems to be going on---not only in the country but even, more sadly, in the Church.

The Big Brother that is Beelzebub

Just finished Orwell's "Nineteen Eight-Four". I think the interrogation scenes at the end come to be some of the most unsettling, hair-raising, Hitchcock-like horror, that I have ever read. I can only liken such bureaucratic brutality to what must be the domain of the cold demonic bureaucracy that must be hell. What strikes me is if Orwell, a mere man, can out of his mind imagine such tortuous terror, what must the great Enemy of God and man have in store for those who have given themselves to him by rejecting the Lord of Love and Light? Such a disciple of the Big Brother that is Beelzebub must think again of what such a Darkness might mean, something even darker and more sinister than even Mr. Orwell could have imagined.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Crime Does Pay

In response to the Sacramento City Council's decision, 9-0, to pay gang members not to murder people I wonder at the old adage that said, "Crime Doesn't Pay". I guess it does. Will it not be long before pickpockets, breakers and enterers, embezzlers, dare we even to include the current fashionable, harassers, be given a salary by the city councils in order to not do their crimes?
On second thought, perhaps this innovation may be regarded as a progressivist way to solve the unemployment issue. Perhaps when funds get low I can enlist in a gang, and, I suppose, the amount of income will be according to how bad a gang it is. A really murderous gang will no doubt be even more greatly compensated---and perhaps should they also be dealing drugs this could only put one in a top tax bracket---perhaps the One Percent.