Thursday, February 15, 2018

The Answer to Our Toxic Times

Might the answer to our toxic times be something other than psychoanalysis, or more laws, or school detectives, or metal detectors, or cameras, or support groups, or hate free zones, or background checks, or FBI surveillance, or oversight of emails, or keeping track of one's use of the angry emotons one uses on facebook...might it be as simple as the little three letter word that signifies the One that we expelled from schools, museums, our homes, even some churches---in order to have a society where we can delete from our lives what in another day would've been the little darlings of maternity wards but are now the discards of our Women's Health Clinics; a society where the perpetrators of cold blooded destruction get a few years in prison where once they would've faced the electric chair; a society where we permissively raise our kids with no consequence to bad behavior but at most a time out; a society where we discard natural biological law for the great lie that allows us to rebel against our ordained biology; a society that has as its advocates those who seek to hatefully and intolerantly label those who don't agree to their lifestyles as haters and the intolerant; a society that has done all it could to fracture the family and and make motherhood the obscenity that Huxley had prophesied; a society so founded on falsehood that we have come to the Orwellian realization that indeed to dare to tell the truth is a revolutionary act; a society that has exiled God to the Gulag leaving us to wonder how our societal soul has become malignant with the spirit of Moloch.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

The Curricula in Schools These Devilish Days

Just saw a post of the LGBT curricula being taught in Canadian schools and I would hazard to bet in many American schools. The video depicts drag queens at the head of kindergarten classes indoctrinating these innocent children. Can it ever get more urgent to homeschool? Where is the outrage? Where is the outrage from the Church? Where is the outrage of families? Where is the outrage of our religious leaders? Take a break from immigration and climate change and start seeing this grave transgression against the least of these---this devilish destruction of the beautiful innocence of children, this diabolical pollution of their minds. We seem so concerned, and rightly so, of the pollution of water and air, forest and glade...and yet what of this toxic waste entering the soul, the delicate ecosystem of the soul of a child?

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Paul Ryan's Memorable Moment at the State of the Union

I'm surprised that there hasn't been an ACLU lawsuit against Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House, for actually pointing upward to the "IN GOD WE TRUST" inscription. Are they losing their atheistic zeal? One thing anyway: it's good that it is inscribed in marble---not so easy for the Left to erase (they can still boo or remain silent but erasure would be quite a labor). And Mr. Ryan has given us an immortal moment in the history of State of the Unions, hasn't he? Pointing upward. One can take that two ways, and only two ways, and both are beautiful.

Call Me a Conspiracy Theorist

I know. Call me a conspiracy theorist because I am. I witness conspiracy in sports all the time. We will be witnessing this Sunday two teams conspiring against each other. But as to a garbage truck that just happened to park on a set of railroad tracks in time for a train carrying Republicans---well. I just can't help but wonder especially when the Democrats want a majority to impeach with. And I have also to ask: weren't there any other parking spaces available for the garbage truck than upon the tracks? I think I am glad there is a bit of the Columbo angst in me, for I am glad that I'm a conspiracy theorist rather than a coincidence theorist. I think the former might be more often the case at least in these tolerant times.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

State of the Union

I am still applauding and still standing, and the President's State of the Union was yesterday.

Catholic Senators Approve Late Term Abortion

As a Catholic myself I will stand against it and I pray our leaders, both Protestant and Catholic, will stand against it. It is a great shame our leaders are so silent. But didn't our Lord say wolves would adorn sheep's clothing? That the lukewarm church would leave a bad taste in his mouth? Let us pray that God raise up believing bishops with backbone as well as priest, minister, and layman to come against this barbarism. But be assured Our Lord is not going to lose even with Laodicean leaders

Monday, January 29, 2018

A Churchman's Anger Against Hollywood

A Churchman's post I saw today expressed concern about his anger against Hollywood. He stated that his anger might be inconsistent with his being a follower of Christ. It seems to me when I read the warning of our Lord about millstones and being dropped into the depth of the sea to those who offend these little ones and how Hollywood promotes what they promote polluting the purity of little ones I think that perhaps the Church is not angry enough these smiley faced days. We have thought Christ came to make us nice when he in fact came to make us new.