Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Insensitivity of Biblical Proportions

It is a good thing that all of the MS-13 defenders weren't around when another Person of the biblical era referred to a whole category of people as a 'brood of vipers'. That seems exponentially more damaging to the self esteem than the term 'animals'. After all there really shouldn't be any insult at all with 'animals' if the evolutionists are right.

Response to the "Corrective" Responses on Honeymoon Phase

A couple of "corrective" responses to my response to a writer's use of the phrase, "honeymoon phase" have got me to respond yet again to what some might think is splitting hairs. But the fact is that words have meaning and I do think that the use of 'honeymoon phase' in the context of writing about a wedding  currently happening seems chronologically incongruous. A honeymoon comes up after the wedding, not before. And to suggest an inverse time frame to it seems a way to normalize intimate relations before the wedding. If the phrase was not meant to condition us to the new morality, why not simply use the word "affectionate"? Because of course the writer wished to convey that they were still in a honeymoon phase. If he only means they are still in love, why wouldn't they be? I mean they are getting married aren't they? I would put forth that he used the phrase to acclaim the fact that they haven't gotten tired of each other yet. It is no accident he used a term which is meant to come after and not before for a reason, and that reason was to normalize what most of us unfortunately see as the new normal...that intimacy isn't saved for the honeymoon, but comes even before the wedding.

Monday, May 21, 2018

The Wedding and the Honeymoon

Though I didn't watch the Wedding I thought I'd skim an article about it (since it seems such big news). I came upon this quote:
"If you noticed Prince Harry constantly taking Markle’s hand and rubbing it in his, James explained it’s because the couple are still in the honeymoon phase of their relationship."
I guess this was a wedding right? And doesn't the honeymoon come after the wedding in your typical chronology of relationship? So they are still in their honeymoon phase even before the wedding, the taking of the vows which make them man and wife?
I guess I'm incurably old fashioned but I must say that I like the world much better when the honeymoon came after the wedding; and I do think it was better for marriages. I think it is a sad commentary on the current state of such modern matrimony when the writer seems surprised (why else would he highlight i?) that such affection as hand rubbing is in effect, even before the actual official pronouncement of the union.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

NRA Kills Kids?

One of the protesters holds a sign at the White House "NRA kills kids". Really? So do we say after 911 that "American Airlines Kills Manhattans"? Do we say after the truck attacks, "Ford and Chevy Kill Pedestrians"? Do we say after the Marathon bombing, "Fertilizer Kills Onlookers"? Do we after the London knife attack, "Cutlery companies kill citizens"? If the evil was in the instrument used wouldn't previous generations where said instruments were hung over nearly all fireplaces be much more dangerous times for school kids? Is water banned because some end up drowning? And the logic that seems so missing in the leftist brain is the fact that evil men with guns will not be stopped by good men suggesting time outs. But behind it all is the agenda to make the citizenry defenseless against foreign or what is more likely domestic tyranny. The epidemic of violence has everything to do with fatherless families, the fact that a child's discipline now only means going to your room to play video games, a sentimentalized judicial system, and most importantly the exiling of God from the culture. These are the roots of the realities we are reaping these days.

Friday, May 18, 2018

The President's Term for the MS-13 Choirboys

I must respond to all the typical favorable press our President continually receives from the Pravda of our our media especially regarding our President's most recent unbelievable, unconscionable, unforgivable, uncharitable, intolerant, use of the term 'animals' in reference to the MS-13 choir boys. Of course I am grateful too for the compassionate catechesis of Reverend Nancy Pelosi concerning Catholic teaching about the divine spark in all human beings, excepting of course the invading immigrants of cells gathering together to form in a woman's womb. They of course aren't human and it would be okay to call them 'animals'. Wait. There are 'save the whale' campaigns and concern for eagle eggs so that I am not so sure 'animal' is even such a bad term. Anyhow, even allowing for the invading immigrant cells to someday become miraculously a product of a wanted pregnancy---we know the unwanted ones don't count for the divine spark---according to Reverend Nancy's catechesis. I must confess much confusion as I have admittedly been lazy in my bible study and seemed to miss God's indulgence for such things as MS-13 choirboys practice. I am also quite disconcerted in what little I know of the Bible which Nancy seems to exegete quite expertly that our Lord himself in some of his reference to the pharisees didn't seem to exercise twenty-first century compassion when he likened his fellow men to a 'brood of vipers'. This unnerves me as it should anyone who knows that our Lord is principally a nice guy. After all 'vipers' seems to my uneducated ear quite a bit lower on the scale as 'animals'. And then again I read such things as 'white washed sepulchers' which is even lower on the scale of offensive language. I mean 'white washed sepulchers' aren't even alive, and are even more so 'full of dead men's bones' which even adds greater insult. Then there is also our Lord who refers to Herod as 'that fox'. All this to say, I hope the new tolerant translators of the bible will delete these particular offensive remarks and replace them with much kinder compassionate categories until we can read the Bible as a book of niceties. And perhaps our President can become more nice, like all the rest of us obviously are.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Three Yelps and a Howl

An unusual noise in the middle of the night at least for Old Town woke me and particularly agitated my usually unagitatible cat. Dogs don't faze him. But this noise that seemed not even a stone's throw from my window got to him. It rose his back. Even a pat on the head didn't alleviate the angst this alien sound caused in his spirit. No, not alien if one was deep inside a midnight wood but for here...well it was rather eerie. Three sharp yelps and a howl seemed to announce a kill. I was glad my cat was in. I've heard from friends near the woods that there have been sightings. And I've seen the remaining carcasses of unfortunate beasts that have been in his path. My cat may have to rethink his midnight wanderings and perhaps save his wanderings for the daytime ---at least for the time that the rabbit population isn't seeming to satisfy.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

While in the Woods this Morning

While in the woods this morning I was reminded of Robert Louis Stevenson's two line poem: "the world is so full of a number of things I'm sure we should all be happy as kings." Some of those things today: a Nashville warbler, black and whites, black throated greens, catbirds, cardinals and jays, a pair of painted turtles sunning on a rock out in the back of the still water, periwinkle alongside the trail, wood anemone, starflower, dandelion, tamarack in all their new yellow-green needle-lace, crabapples in their blushing blossoms. To see such design---shouldn't such natural artifacts delight us and give us the sense that some grand Artist must be responsible? Could chance compilation of atoms excite themselves on their own power and form such things? Can we really contemplate such creation without being convinced it all comes from a Sculptor who must chisel such a marble that breathes so beautifully?