Friday, August 18, 2017

Would Any Statues Stand?

Ye without sin cast the first stone.

Would any statues stand if we took into account all sins: adultery, theft, impure acts, impure thoughts, lack of charity, hypocricy, etc. etc. etc...?

Fanuel Hall No More

A friend of mine just sent me an article that stated that one of the leaders of the Democratic Coalition ( a nice euphemism) is 'suggesting' (read 'demanding') that Fanuel Hall in Boston be renamed as the man that built it and donated it to Boston was a man of wealth and involved in institutional racism. My friends: don't you see that our very country will be renamed to "The Barack Republic of Racist Repentance". (This, my prediction. I hope that we wake to the root of this. The seeds were sown back in 1917 and brought here under the guise of the Institution of Social Research---and please do research about this group also known as "The Frankfurt School" founded by Felix Weil (among others) (pronounced ironically like 'vile').

Thursday, August 17, 2017

The Bolshevik Bully

Doesn't it occur to us that the word "racist" is used as a club by the Bolshevek bully? Witness how it was used for Mr. Trump, for those who voted for Trump, for anyone that disagrees to the orchestrated social engineering that is going on. After all this charge is from the Diversity and Tolerance folks that somehow don't see that diversity and tolerance might also apply to monuments in the south. As I see it their removal has more to do with their representation to resistance to the Federal encroachment of the State's jurisdiction than it does for advocating slavery. Also I vaguely remember my liberal teachers in Social Studies telling us not to stereotype and yet isn't this what is going on today even by well-meaning people that seem to automatically defaul to the term given by the media outlets (which we all know are fair and unbiased) of "white supremicists". So we actually can now read the hearts of everyone on the resistance side in Charlottesille? bAnd are our memories so ephemeral that we don't remember the R-charge against the Tea Party when any fair minded soul would say that was quite a conjectural leap that had no basis in fact. Yes, all these men in stone that are being removed have a significance and that is a resistance even to one's own government when it seeks toward totalitarian bullying. May we have such statues just to remind us that at one time in our history there wer still men willing to fight for what they perceived as the truth. May we have such men today.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

A Pawn Speaks Out

We are being played. Never before have I felt more like a pawn. I'm afraid we, the traditional Americans, are sucumbing to a culturally cleansed checkmate. Even the Christian by his virtue is having his virtue used against him. His innocence of the fact that compassion can be corrupted is leading him into his losing all his pieces. May we wake up before the game is over.

Perhaps Next Time...Religious Statues?

I wonder when Mr. George Soros will organize another nice event...perhaps next time it will be religious statues? Of course this will no doubt follow since we have allowed the new Censors to sterilize, in their secular self-righteousness, the South of her sin. No doubt there was nothing but her sin. No doubt to be a Southerner was to have no heroes. No doubt to be a Southerner was to be immune from any virtue. No doubt South Carolina fathers did not protect their families, Virginia mothers did not love their little ones, their boys and girls were the only ones born in original sin. Of course when the event comes about I don't wonder that swaztika flags will be provided to the religious side and tolerance banners to the secularist side so that we who watch the News with such trust will be able to tell the good guys from the bad guys, the humanist righteous from the religious radicals. It won't be long now when our sensitivities will bring about confiscations of the plaster Blessed Mothers in Catholic backyards and front yards. A sensitive society can't help find inappropriate the display of the blue mantled woman. The shame of purity may be just too puritan for the nice overseers of the New World to allow.

Monday, August 14, 2017


So much political opportunism occurring from Charlottesville. Marx would be smiling for the Marxian paradigm is in full affect. The aggravation of conflict---begun, by the way, by the destruction of southern history, the removing of cultural heroes like Lee, Beauregard, Jackson, Jefferson Davis (whether they are heroes can be debated for another time), demonizing the South as synonomous with Nazi Germany ...what does one expect? When any race sees themselves as demonized as is now happening by the self righteous Marxist moralists, does anyone in their right mind not imagine there will not be pushback? People will resist this kind of bullying by the moral busybodies of our day and yes, ugliness will come out---for in man, as the Bible tells us, there is darkness without the light of Christ. And when everything is marked with the damning charge of racism and every one that seeks to keep their own cultural heritage is charged as a racist---this can only breed an antagonism that many wish to aggravate for their own political advantage. By the way let's be fair: where were all these self righteous souls when white cops were being assassinated? Where was their outrage when the people of Fergeson had their businesses looted and burned? Or when major arteries of cities throughout the country were blocked by BLM? Shouldn't it be all lives matter? And, by the way, those in the womb, black, white or yellow, aren't exempt either. Maybe we should grab that verse again that we seem to use to our convenience, but might it not be applicable now as well? Jugde not, for with what measure ye judge, ye shall be judged. And before we pick up a stone maybe we should stand for a moment in our neighbor's shoes, even if he is a poor white southerner who dares to love his heritage. And before we decry his heritage as not worth anything, may we look at our own heritages that, I scarce suggest, aren't so holy either.

Tired of Hollywood

If you are tired of the typical Hollywood fare these days check out the films produced by the Kendrick brothers of Sherwood Baptist Church under Provident Films. These talented brothers one day decided thaty they were tired of what Hollywood was feeding the country so they decided to try a hand at making their own films: the first being a low budget film called Flywheel. But what it lacked in glitz and Hollywood spophistication it made up in being a great story with surprisin...gly good acting and fine dialogue, and the Christian faith presented beautifully in all its redemptive power. Their next film called Facing the Giants with interwoven story lines of modern day Davids and Goliaths is untiringly uplifting, and the best highschool sports film I've ever seen. Then comes Fireproof, a wonderful lesson in love and what marriage really means; Courageous, a film depicting what fatherhood is when it is fueled with the faith of Christ. Warroom---I won't even suggest what this one is about for the wonder of this one is the ironic twist given the title. As for myself I can hardly wait for Sherwood's next film and will be one of the first in the ticket line. Hollywood take note: I think you would benefit more than a little by learning from this little Baptist church in the backwaters of Georgia.