Saturday, October 14, 2017

God's Truth Above All Human Comfort

One thing we talked about in men's group this morning was that we must be willing to hold God's Truth above all human comfort, all promises of pleasure; hold it in the face of false ideologies, in the prospect of persecution, even in contradistinction to our most rewarding relationships should they compete with the revelation of God in His Son Jesus Christ. May it be so in this day when the culture seems obsessed with corrupting, in calling evil good and good evil, in socially engineering boys and girls out of their boyhood and girlhood, of advancing sexual sophistication among the little innocent ones, of claiming for rights what was once in a more civilized age a barbarism against the babe in what should be the safest hate-free zone in the world---the mother's womb, May this little rant be a step in the direction of a willingness to put away fear of what man thinks, and instead spend one's words in the favor of the Truth of which no relativism will ever replace.

The Resurgent Puritanism?

I find it a bit interesting that when now President Trump was running for office there seemed to be a great resurgence in puritanism among the Democratic Party, feminists, liberal talk show hosts and hostesses, the secularists, and even church people. They insisted quite loudly that they were horrified, demeaned, disenfranchised, victimized over such coarse language of a particular private conversation of the nominee. But this recent puritan reformation has seemed to be a short-lived movement. For now we have Harvey Weinstein who happens to be misunderstood in seeking to help models and actresses in their ambitions. For some reason I guess the purity that is in puritanism was not all that operative any more.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

New Names Anyone?

New names anyone? (Notice the convenient recent use of the acronym "BSA"...for Boy Scouts of America).
How about just "Boy" Scouts?
Girls/Boys Camp-out Fun? (By the way, a man named Harvey will be Scout Master for these co-ed campouts).
Boys will be Girls and Girls will be Boys Scouting?
Apologies for the Past Patriarchy of Boy-Exclusive Scouting?
Boy Privilege Redeemed?
Reformed Center For Scout Neutered Camping and Woodcraft?

"Boy" Scouts

I must finally congratulate the La Femme ideology for earning yet another merit badge for its overcoming the stereotype that just because a thing is called "Boy Scouts" that it must somehow be so intolerant and genderist to exclude girls. (Didn't we learn anything when we finally got sane and realized that bathrooms shouldn't be gender limited---how fascist can you get!). Yes, Feminism itself deserves this time a merit badge extraordinaire. It has earned it by its social justice intervention to overcome such intolerance and exclusiveness in its equalizing the terrible totalitarian domination of the Boy Scouts of America by boys. One can hardly imagine that in this day and age a single gender group could exclusively command a club as notoriously close-minded to not be open to both genders. And of course it goes without saying that efforts are now even underway for the compassionate inclusion of all 66 genders. Then one can only imagine the equality that will be practiced on those camp-outs (I've heard there is a move to get a man named Harvey to be the chaperone on these over-nighters). So thank you once again to that ideology that has done so much in the past decades to deliver us from such totalitarian testosterone that would in the end make---Venus forbid---a masculine man.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Sorry, Mr. Goodell

Sorry, Mr. Goodell. Too late for me. The NFL has already shown where it stands, or should I say, kneels?

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Scalpels and Suction Tubes

Perhaps we should make scalpels and suction tubes illegal. When one thinks of quantity of killing aren't these two instruments in first place?

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Cain and Abel

Without God all things are permissible.
Ivan Karamazov

This is the cause of all the evils in the world. Remember Cain killed his brother with a rock. If we outlawed rocks wouldn't it be the Abels who could not defend themselves? Cain, I think, would still have his rock.