Saturday, June 16, 2018

I Remember the Days

For Father's Day: I remember the days parking at the State Police Barracks by the Museum of Science and walking over to the Garden with a boy's expectancy to see the Bruins. And I remember passing in the tickets and jumping the stairs not to miss a thing, and to hear over the speakers, "Goal Number Four, Orr, assist..." Ah, we missed it! And then to get our seats in the aisle---and many did this---and the ushers walking the perimeter of the Garden knew this as well, and they would motion us out of the aisle and up the walkway. He would leave and every one of us aisle-sittings would take up residence again in these which seemed the best seats anyone could have. Yet, we kept an eye on seats that were still unclaimed by the end of the second period and we'd make our way down to them...or sometimes just stay put. That was fine, because there in front of you, Dad, I was safe and so full of happiness with you shouting behind me that there must be something like aisle seats and hockey in heaven.

The Separation of Children from their Parents

People are worried about the separation of children from their parents. I get that. But I don't understand how they are so against the man that has done more to fight the separation of children from their parents in the womb than any politician within memory. Consistency should be part of our reasoning.

A Berean People

More than ever it seems we live in times where we must be more than ever a Berean people who are so familiar with the Scriptures that our palates can recognize the real food of the Ancient Faith and spit out that which only masquerades as the true manna. In these debauched days may we resist that which seeks to make us the holy of Hollywood rather than those separated unto the Kingdom of Heaven. May we become less and less a people catechized by Caligula, and more and more a people catechized by Christ.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Indulging the Imagination of the New Heavens and the New Earth

And there will be a new heaven and a new earth...what will that be like? Simply more sunny days, a little less litter on the streets, a few more daisies by the roadside? An absence of poison ivy, a taming of ticks, a muzzling of termites? St Paul tells us that it is more than these mere improvements. It will be more than eye can see or ear has heard. We should perhaps sometimes indulge our imaginations. Perhaps our eyes will be able to see quarks and the strings of string theory. Perhaps we will be able to hear the vibrations; perhaps we will be able to see the music.

Friday, June 8, 2018

The Tariff on Truth

Have we even as a Church allowed our eyes to become contaminated by a culture that continues to persuade us to sell our birthrights for a mess of porridge? Have we sold the beauty of Mennonite modesty for the seductive lure of Manhattan's manikins? sold the distinctive gemstones of God ordained altar love for the cheapness of casual couplings? should we hold up a biblical mirror and see that we have nurtured Neapolitan niceness over a crusader's courage? made blind the Beatific Vision for voyeurism and Vegas? traded the enduring iron of truth for the sentiment of seductive soundbites? Maybe it wasn't just Esau made a bargain that will in the end betray.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Counter Cultural when the Culture is Antichrist

Following Jesus is going to be counter-cultural when the culture is antichrist. May you stay strong, my friends, in a time when even the very elect, as our Lord forecasted, will be deceived. And of course Satan will use niceness, tolerance, and all the buzzwords we use to feel good about ourselves to capture the sentimental soul.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

The New Ireland a Place Once Catholic

 The oppression of Ireland's women is over. They are now liberated from constraints by Church or God of any unwanted consequences to copulation. They can enjoy making love without love. They can lust to their hearts content. And if by chance a baby comes to be it can be gotten rid of with a happy and light conscience. They do not have any restrictions. They can raise up doctors who can be ready with the forceps should any fertility arise. They can remove any guilty growth in the womb. They can have an Ireland liberated of family. What a pleasant place it will be.