Monday, January 22, 2018

The "Woman's" March

Seeing the pictures people have posted on the 'woman's' march (I put 'woman' in quotes because this march does not (thankfully) represent all women, or hopefully hardly a minority) and have chosen not to post the images which are some of the ugliest, darkest that I have ever seen. I just wonder why all the secular puritans so enraged over 's-hole' haven't decried---shall we say?---the unladylike language---from these holy crusaders for such a just cause as making sure they are safe from a president who wishes to curtail their demanding freedom to have the little non-persons in the womb removed and then discarded like any disposable. Of course I saw some of the slogans they were proclaiming on their pink hats (how I've come to dislike the color pink) and on other parts of their autonomous bodies that I do believe a woman of the streets in another more Victorian era would have blushed the darkest shade of pink at such disclosure. I don't know about you, but I do find it a bit strange that I don't seem to hear even an offended peep by the secularly righteous---those who so wish to keep our ears from anything untoward and profane. So. Why are they so silent? Maybe they have suddenly changed their mind about bad words? Or perhaps they just feel it the natural fruit of the feminist frustration with all us chauvinistic misogynists who really have such old fashioned notions of a woman's mystery, or of the precious value of the life she may carry in the most hidden sanctuary of her being, or of the beauty of authentic femininity over against the ugly aggression of a woman who undergoes the metamorphosis of anti-motherhood and seeks to march for a dark master and against her own nature. All I can do is hope, hope that maybe the ugliness just becomes so ugly that it wakes up many from the enchantment of their most toxic faith.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Lamentations Today

I lament greatly the success of the Left in continually fomenting division in this country that could be a source of good in the world. I lament the fact that Christianity, the true source of our origins and our ending, the explanation of our goodness and our lack of goodness, our fuel for flowers as well as our fuel for the foul growths of our good earth, the very reason for our reason and our thought, the sight that makes our eyes shine at a sunrise, and impress the delicate shades of color at a sunset---I lament those that would keep insinuating to us our discontent, our lover's quarell with the world, that such should be so protested against when in fact, it should be so lovingly embraced.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Millstones For Sale

I just looked up on youtube some of the videos of what children are up against as to the propaganda they are being fed and regurgitating. I would have posted these videos but I hesitate even though I wish you, my Christian friends, to know about what is happening to your children but I also do not wish to advertise these satanic messages. I don't often use 'satanic' as an adjective, but for these videos I can only say that they must arise from the depths of Hell's depravity itself. These poor children are taught these transgender pronouns and the video shows them regurgitating them after they've been enlightened to be 'compassionate'. Previously, I posted one that was quite humorous in its satirical counter to this insanity. But to watch children themselves being molded was well...pornographic. Another concept that was taught them was this new concept of 'intersectionality' (isn't there some new insanity it seems every minute?)---the idea that people can be offended on different levels, say for example by race and sex (surprise!) and that the offense is multiplied exponentially if say a black lesbian woman has both an offense seen as racist and sexist homophobic all at the same time. My friends, if you don't hear the footfalls of the brown shirts in the future coming to see this engineering of society carried out I think that terribly naive. I just hope the Church wakes up to this offense of little ones. Our Lord had the harshest words for these saying that they will have millstones hung around their necks and thrown into the deepest sea. Hardly it seems the words of the meek and mild ever merciful Jesus we have come to know recently. Yes, he is mercy, but he is also just. And he seems particularly wrathful when it is the little ones that are hurt and engineered to believe these Luciferian lies. Children are our future and the Enemy knows that if he gains the innocent minds of these little ones he will in fact be able to have degeneracy metastasize so that the entire culture will be under the thumb of the anti-theist. Awaken Oh, Church to the real death-knell that is sounding. It is in the weak little meek voices of children.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The New Inquisition

The New Inquisition. Now it is required our president get a clean bill of health. Inquisition is to be made of his mental capacity. Is he nonchalantly speaking insensitivities out of some case of dementia? Is his radical racism the result of a Mein Kampf wiring of the brain? Of course in an age dominated by un-alpha males an actual alpha male appearing must cause a frenzy of hysteria. Indeed it must seem to such sensitive souls that a Fuhrer has arisen. After all how could such a one have ascended to the presidency? I mean haven't we worked so hard to engineer a huge hate free zone? Yet now we have a cold-hearted Caucasian in the highest office of the land. From all the calumnies from the Compassionate Left I assume he must be secretly constructing concentration camps. This must be the case that inspires so many "hate-free zone" banners, "no place for hate" lawn signs, "separation of church and hate" church marques. Of course these are much needed reminders for us who can so easily clutch our swastikas while we sit in the pew. I am for one grateful for this inquisition which seems to have quite become the fashion of our compassionate comrades on the Left. Of course it is all for a good cause: that the hard hearts of us undiverse conservatives, fundamentalists, traditionalists, orthodox religionists, Trumpers (even) would come to embrace our inquisitions which someday might even hopefully grow to be something like the ultimate Robespierrian remedy.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

The Habits of these Secular Nuns at the Golden Globe Award Ceremony

Somehow the habits of these secular nuns make me wonder about their real motive...I wouldn't say that their religious habit (and yes it is religious) makes me think their habit reveals something other than moral indignation and a call for modesty and morality. Perhaps it's just the prude in me.

Color of Skin and Content of Character

Wasn't it Martin Luther King who said something to the effect that he wished his children be known not for the color of their skin but the content of their character? Seems that I recall words to that effect. And yet there are people in this country in the guise of compassionate crusaders against racist America who are continually reminding us of people's pigment whether it is in the disparaging of white people with such catchy slogans as "white privilege", "white racism", or that "racism will not end until white people die", etc. or the pointing out, ad nauseum, the pigment of non european ethnicities as if pigment was their number one and primary characteristic rather than as MLK said, their 'content of character'. And it is disconcerting to me that we have fallen for so much of this rhetoric of race and have so twisted language to provide a narrative laced with such negative slander that it is a wonder anyone would dare come to this country. By the way how this country is described by the Left makes me think that we wouldn't need so much as a solitary brick on the border to keep people out. After all such a country so hostile to people of color must certainly not be a very attractive country to people that already live in attractive countries themselves? Of course, to make matters even worse this country has as her reigning despot a man that we are continually told must wear the quite fashionable scarlet moniker, 'racist'. But what I'm trying hard to understand is why would such a supremacist put a man of color in his cabinet---could it possibly be that he just saw him in regards to his content of character and didn't even notice his pigment? And likewise how is it that this same racist despot institutes a special celebration in honor of the late civil rights leader? Yes, perhaps the racist despot didn't even notice his pigment. Perhaps it was just the content of character he was noticing

Friday, January 12, 2018

Ho-hum, Yet Another New Slam on President Trump

When I was in Spain a Spanish woman lamented the fact that Spain under the Marxist government had become a very bad country. I didn't think she hated her own Spanish people. I have a friend who is a Haitian minister of the Gospel and he left Haiti because it was a country of corruption, and I didn't think this Haitian pastor hated his own people. We have a president unlike the rhetorically slick politicians that we are used to who for once says what's true---perhaps not groomed newspeak as we are used to---and funny I can imagine that so many that seem so anxious to throw the stones at Trump have used such language themselves, I suspect of America herself. And funny thing, I keep hearing their 'judge not' concerning the depraved changes that have happened here in our own country until it hurts my ears. They seem just the ones that would do well to heed their own advice and make sure the beam is removed before they regard with microscopic mania the splinter.