Saturday, June 27, 2015

The White House's New Lighting

I just saw that the white house (forgive the non capitalization for this most austere place of habitation) and it was all lit up in the spectrum of the rainbow. Could it be that the Obama household has finally realized the truth of the times of Noah?

A Statement to a Friend Who Laments Leaving Formal Teaching

But the good news is we can all teach informally in our spheres of influence. But may we do so always with the mind of Christ. And Christ was not often popular. Only it seems at his entry into the Holy City. Soon after came the crucifixion.

On the Courage of these African Americans who Resist the Lowering of Their Southern Heritage

The taking down of the Confederate flag was principally to dismiss the idea of State's resistance to the Feds (and no accident it came at the time it did---just prior to the landmark decision by the Supreme Court) and as was brought up at our men's group to diss the South because of its Bible belt status. Anything Christian is to be brought down. Thanks to these courageous African American men who aren't afraid to break the mold the dems have tried to force them into.

The Insidious Influence of the Frankfurt School

In preparing for my talk on "The Frankfurt School" this morning I read Herbert Marcuse's book, Eros and Civilization, and realized even more how influential such a group, of which Marcuse was one of its principle instigators, has been and continue to be in transforming our culture to one that views anything of Judeo Christian sensibilities with contempt and ridicule. To transgress these new secular commandments is to incur being pulled over by the PC police. The fines for now are only the ad hominem labels of "hater", "bigot", "sexist", "racist", "homophobe" and a host of recently manufactured labels have become the ad hominem attack against those who hold to traditional culture and morality. One of the main missions of the Frankfurt School was to instill cultural Marxism by way of extracting religion from the culture. In this, I'm afraid to say, they have been quite successful. Dostoevsky once remarked by way of one of his characters, "Without God all things are permissible." Lamentably, so true, Ivan.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

An Uprising Against the Confederate Flag

Over the past days there has been an uprising against the confederate flag. (Interesting that it is at a time when the rainbow flag has become sacrosanct and beyond critique). I for one am tired of bowing to the fashionable moralities being preached from the secular pulpits. I am tired of the self appointed social engineers telling us all what history we can read, how we have to interpret that history, how we are to make heroes and brave ...souls out of those that would have been examined in a psyche hospital only a few years ago; how we ridicule the authentic courage of a girl keeping her femininity undefiled in a Cosmopolitan culture, or the boy that retains his chivalric innocence in a Hugh Hefner hades. From my understanding the antebellum South possessed courage and goodness and chivalry in it in both the black and white man who lived there, fought there, died there. I wonder that the enlightened Abraham Lincoln hadn't been so enlightened as to rid the South of its heritage embodied in the St Andrew flag. I wonder that such a righteous revelation as so many moralists of the current day have come to has come in these tolerant times. Could it possibly be that what these secular moralists really seek is to stir again the pot of strife and division while pretending to be for peace and concord among brethren. Isn't there such a thing as diversity even among flags?

Manipulating Man into the New Morality and the Confederate Flag

All of this manipulation of us into hyper-moralistic PCers is exactly what the Institute for Social Research (aka The Frankfurt School) sought to perpetuate: class, race, sex division---as much strife as they could. They sought to instill cultural Marxism by the eradication of religion (they have largely succeeded at least in the Public Square), and instill at every opportunity strife between the races and sexes. Well, it seems to me they have been quite successful in their propaganda. We are offended at every turn, at every flag. We are without freedom to disagree with the prevailing PC attitudes. We are growing more afraid to be called by the politically manufactured labels.  If anything I would think people would begin to be worried about the erosion, the taking away of our fundamental freedoms. But no, we want to be so nice that we are willing to tare down heritage, legacy, whole histories. Let him who is without sin cast the first stone. Maybe the self righteous governors and presidents should remember all the times when they have beat back their opponents with what has become the hackneyed admonition "judge not."

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs. Is Marx the Definition of Man?

Hearing both Jeb Bush and Donald Trump talk as well as some of the other moderate Republicans you would think that man was merely an economic animal. The promise is one of jobs, jobs, jobs. So I guess the reasoning goes that as long as a man has his materialistic needs met he will be happy. As long as he has his BMW he will be happy to drive the streets of Sodom. As long as he has a good bank account he will be smiling as he gleans the lovely gardens of Gomorrah.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

White Blood Cell Writing

What I am trying to do with God's help, attack the sickness. I lament the fact that so many leaders in the Church are concerning themselves with things other than these wicked ideas that will have far reaching wicked consequences. The children will end up being the great sufferers inheriting a world that we have been too cowardly to confront. It seems all too often we get our manifesto from the Huffington Post or the NY Times rather than the inspired Word of God.

The Shock Value Quotient Continually Rising

Since the shock value quotient continues to rise exponentially I feel compelled to predict with confident expectations that it won't be long at all that we will witness surgeons performing not merely 'sex change' operations but 'species change' operations. I imagine our compassion will be further extended to those who feel a special glowing kinship with their cat, dog, or even hamster. You no doubt laugh and think this unfortunate writer has overreached with a science fiction and is being characteristically fanatic in his dire predictions? But I ask you: Imagine, if you will, had you suggested for a moment to your grandmother or great grandmother that we would live in a society where such compassionate mutilations would be done---and with the grand approval of more and more of the susceptible populace no less---would they have not fainted or screamed apocalyptically at what they thought were the Horsemen approaching?

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Woman Bishopess Announces God is She Which Allows Women to Feel More Equal

Yet another trick of language. What is disingenuously misleading is using the generic 'women' as if this is an inclusive term. It is not. My grandmother was a woman and didn't think this way. My mother was a woman and didn't think this way. I know many women in the church that don't think this way. Just the same trick when colleges call certain courses: "women's studies". I have yet to see motherhood taught as a subject. Hmmm.

The New Conversion to Conjugality

Everyone seems to be so in favor of marriage today. Even and most especially those academics I remember from my college days who kept saying that marriage was inimical to love, it was something that needed to be abolished, 'living together' was what allowed love its lustful liberty, marriage was bourgeoisie, marriage trapped you, marriage was misogynist, home was a prison---this was the party line. And now these folks are for it, for everyone, for every situation, for every manner of coupling. Hmmm. It just makes me wonder. Why such a conversion of heart?