Friday, September 26, 2014

Pedestrian's Prerogative

As a pedestrian I have come to realize the loss of my right to exercise a polite chivalry in allowing a car turning in or crossing a crosswalk to continue on while I wait a mere split-second for the miles of nothingness that follow said car. But the cars come to a complete dead stop even though they be tail-gaited, and seem to take gladly the risk of being rear-ended and given a lifelong disability of whiplash. And then being stopped they then wait with conditioned patience for me to cross even though I smile, cajole, put my hands together in supplication the car will not proceed. It is as if there were some omnipresent overseer of the new conscience that forbids them from receiving a pedestrian's goodwill. I lament this loss of a pedestrian's prerogative.

In Reading about Bird Anatomy

In reading about bird anatomy I keep coming upon the verb 'adapted' and even 'modified'. Interesting that for such an intricate anatomy the word 'designed' is never used. It would be like reading about a Mercedes motor and hearing how the pistons and driveshafts adapted and modified themselves to their present fine tuned complexity. Amazing how such things can happen of themselves!

Friday, September 5, 2014

A Guest Reader

A spider scurries down the page. Try this. Try just allowing him to speed-read as he scans the page. Do not automatically resort to the default of insect crushing, but allow your eyes to be amazed at such a little creature trusting you to leave him to his reading.