Monday, May 18, 2015

Safe Homes

There is a move now to eliminate any gun collections in private homes because sadly and regrettably a child was accidentally shot. I would like to add a few more restrictions to this new bill. No knives for I remember a child stabbed her brother once. Also I would also add matches to the restriction on private homes. If memory serves I seem to recall a boy lit (with matches) his house on fire once. And while we're at it there's more that could come under the ban. Eating utensils---this is obvious isn't it? Just look at forks and what damage is possible with them. And how about tools? Hammers, screwdrivers, power saws (this is a carpenter's assault weapon)---Well I am quite relieved to know someday we'll have completely safe homes. Oh, yes, stairways too should be carefully considered.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

One Requirement for Propaganda to Work

When we don't know the past we are quite ready to be conditioned by the present.

Our Enlightened Times and the Death Penalty

I find it interesting that our collective consciousness is so different today than it was just a couple of generations ago. It is different with regards to innocent life being protected and it is different with regards to guilty life being taken. Behind it seems a confusion today regarding the great value of innocent life. In the one respect we fight for a woman's right to choose against the innocent in what was at one time the safest sanctuary in the world. And in the other, we protest the death penalty for that one who would take life whether by murder or by a bomb which scatters a little boy's limbs and amputates the legs of a beautiful girl from China. I don't imagine that there were many up until our own enlightened times that would find such acts best paid for by merely spending days in a life long time out. I wonder if it is as in parenting so as in the penal code that we have been conditioned against anything other than sending one to one's room as being a sufficient discipline and deterant?

Monday, May 11, 2015

The Unfair Advantage of Loving Families

I'm so glad this new inequality is finally being addressed in a world where Iran is acquiring weapons that can sanitize the world with thermodynamic heat, and where thugism is one of the new fads among the youth of American cities, and where it looks like the new PC version of the Constitution is ready for publication, and where crucifixion and beheadings are being revived under ...popular demand in the Middle East, and where it won't be long when religion will be regulated by a State Czar, where marriage will be all inclusive of everything and thereby mean nothing. Yes, I really am glad that now we can fight, and make laws against loving families. I'm only surprised that it has taken so long for our State Overseers to realize there was this unfair advantage."