Thursday, March 31, 2016

A Child Interested in Narnia

I think if you can get a child interested in Narnia at a young age they will be interested in heaven at a later age.

Friday, March 25, 2016

It's Worth It

Before, Lancaster, you say "It's worth it" you might ask if you have been personally affected by any of the bombings. I wonder if you would ask any of the families of those in Brussels who died horrible violent deaths whether it was worth it you may get a different read on what Christ meant by loving thy neighbor.

A Dangerous Hermeneutic

It is about ideology. And we know this ideology is in a certain group. Yes, not everyone in that group is of a certain imperialist ideology...but it appears doesn't it that all the bombings and mayhem are being done by one identifiable group. Are the perpetrators Lithuanian, or Japanese, or Russian? Are they baptists, lutheran, catholic? And you didn't say whether you would invite anyone into your household. Should I say because you don't open up your home to everyone that comes by---not just the people you prefer---that you are not following Christ? Christ said many things. Yes, love your neighbor...but as I said certain inclusive actions might in fact be not showing love to your neighbor or your children. And doesn't Jesus also say other things beside 'love your neighbor'...something like 'what fellowship has Christ with Belial?' This is what I mean about taking one favorite verse and making it the whole. That is what I mean about dangerous hermeneutics.

Loving One's Neighbor

Don't you see, Lancaster, that sometimes loving your neighbor means not exposing him to someone who is dangerous? Certainly you don't invite anyone into your house? What if there were five men and two you suspected of being criminal. Would you take the chance and invite them all in subjecting your wife and children to harm? Would this be disobeying Christ? Haven't we seen evidence of people being blown apart? What of their lives? Aren't we to be compassionate to future victims? And if I were to criticize you for being 'fearful' and 'uncompassionate' in such an occasion as seeking to protect those of your own household would that not be an erroneous accusation?

Refugees at the Last Supper

I am continually amazed by the responses I get that since Francis himself shows us Christ in his washing of the feet of refugees (most notably Islamic refugees) that this de facto shows compassion. Further that this compassion is Christ himself and this particular compassion is what Christ had uppermost in his mind and that by inference he would be all for open boarders---a political question given the sanction of a religious imperative. The inference is that 'refugees' of the Islamic stripe (others like Chaldean Christians are conveniently left out) should be given a carte blanche acceptance to this country on the other side of the globe that is religiously and culturally quite foreign to theirs. And yet for all the compassion trumpeted for these young male 'refugees' there seems to be an inordinate apathy concerning those that have had their limbs blown off. Inexplicably missing is the requisite compassion for those true victims of Brussels, San Bernadino, the Boston Marathon, Fort Hood, and now an Iraq football event. Should we not consider for a moment those that now have no physical feet left to wash? Where is the committed compassion for these and those who will be maimed and killed in the future? And has the Pope and his bishops considered that the more Islamic a country invites itself to become the less Christian it will of necessity be? Just something to think about.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

History Repeat

Bring in the Trojan Horse said the tender hearted Trojans.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Yet, another attack. And I would hazzard to bet that no one thought it might have come from a disgruntled Brussullinian Baptist, or a Lithuanian Lutheran, a Norwegian Congregationalist, a Tridentine Catholic. And though we haven't heard from our President yet, I would bet again that he will accentuate the fact that there are dangerous fundamentalists in all religions and the egalitarian notion would be prominent in his mind that all religions have zealots and that all religions can be religions of war---excepting of course the religion of peace---and that no religion should be singled out as perhaps advocating, heaven forbid, the use of the sword. And perhaps he would even highlight that it was the Christian who brought forth a Crusade with no apparent reason, completely unprovoked. I perhaps err on expecting he will further emphasise that such a bigoted imperialistic religion as Christianity was without a shred of being instigated by the peaceful religion that lies across the desert to the East.
And may we not be told that the perpetrators have legitimate gripes against the West and treat those who really did lose such a precious gift of life as mere statistics. May these precious lives so quickly cut down be appreciated as perhaps one day being our own if we continually lack the will to go against the idol we have erected of political correctness. And for those dead: requiescant in pace Christi.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

More Mob Rule Against Free Speech

Very disturbing that the Trump event got shut down from the Leftist protesters. Have we become so shackled by political correctness that this is allowed now? We have come to mob rule. This recalls Ben Carson's theme of 'being muzzled by political correctness' as a country. Yes, I have to agree. This is the disease diseasing our once free country.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Irony of the Obama Disclaim

I have to laugh when I see a headline of Obama disclaiming responsibility for Donald Trump as if Trump was some catastrophic communicable disease. My first immediate thought was: WHO must be blamed for the Barackian bubonic that we have today? 

Friday, March 4, 2016

Animosity Among the GOP

I for one find it very strange that there is so much animosity among our side concerning the GOP candidates. I certainly have my favorites and both have left the race it appears (R.Paul and B.Carson). Yet any of the remaining ones are infinitely better than Hillary or Sanders...and our sitting president. I wonder if the following quote by Lenin is applicable how we are being manipulated to be so divided even in our own party.

"We can and must write in a language which sows among the masses hate, revulsion, and scorn toward those who disagree with us."
Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

Division in the GOP

It is interesting I think how divided we are. On walking home I got talking with an acquaintance concerning politics. He was vehemently opposed to Trump because Trump evidently had threatened a man with a 'punch in the nose' over his heckling. And yet he was for Hillary who is one of the great advocates for a 'woman's right to choose'. He got so heated against Trump and for Hillary that I wasn't sure if he wouldn't think I might be a worthy recipient of a punch in the nose. I... tried to figure out why is a 'punch in the nose' so much worse than suctioning out, limb by limb, a precious little one from the womb. One, Trump's response, would have been a typical man's response a couple generations ago. The other was pretty much unthought of and so against the nature of a mother's love that it was and is quite unimaginable. But now Trump's 'threat' is now violence, while Hillary's health is essential for the health of our families. Well. As a Dickens' character once opined, "Let me now retire to Bedlam."