Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Breeders and the Cause of Climate Change

While out shoveling the snow which began to show a mortality in the brilliant equatorial sunshine a neighbor came by. I know from the bumper stickers that adorn her car that we are not kindred spirits politically. However, I had never heard the term 'breeders' in an actual conversation before. She had corrected my reference to 'global warming' with 'climate change' and mentioned that human beings are the cause of it but gave the caveat that neither one of us were 'breeders' and so we weren't contributing to the devastation of mother earth as were those others. It was now my chance to correct (which I did gladly) saying that children are God's creation and the man and woman that have them are divinely blessed. Also from a purely utilitarian point of view if there weren't 'breeders' and it wasn't good to 'breed' then what did it really matter if climate change inundated the earth with snowmelt? I mean if there weren't any humans to provide the carbon footprints for the remaining trees (which do welcome the carbon footprint as they inhale as they do carbon dioxide) would it really matter after all? And as to breeding I wonder if she really were happy now that she had believed the Liberation Movement's mantra? Did she now truly feel liberated? Did the feminists of those days forget to tell her that the liberating herself from her fertility was a liberation from love?