Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Extremists in All Faiths

On hearing Mr. Obama talk about the extremists in all faiths I must confess to being quite alarmed at the rise in Swedish Lutheran extremists as well as the various radical wings of the Quaker movement, and last but not least the Seven Day Adventists (especially the elderly members who make the most volatile extremists) make me almost afraid to travel. I really am glad that there is no limit to our inclusivism regarding religions. After hearing the President's words I already feel safer that the surveillance will be equally divided among all the faiths...especially those I have mentioned. I'm glad they will be considered. Perhaps I will go out after all and brave the world.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Blood moon. Eclipse. At first a blotch of black at the edge. Like a bruise. Or black mold colonizing a wafer of bread. But then an hour later and the moon covered in congealed blood, or was it the color of rust?

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Beauty Not Only Inside but Outside the Church

In our technological times we are continually paving and depriving ourselves God's botanical beauty that is so important. Just as the marble beauty inside the church is an important aspect of seeing and experiencing God so too the immediate organic surroundings.

The New Parking Lot and the Old Garden

Though the argument is made that the new parking lot will allow more elderly to have less of a walk to the church I still wish that we allowed for some natural beauty. I know if I was elderly I would still lament the passing of the green things. I would not for my convenience want the whole world paved.

Bulldozed Gardens

I have just heard from a friend that the garden at the rectory will be bulldozed for more parking. A cedar of lebanon will be among the arborcultural casualties as well as a magnolia and a japanese maple. I remember when Jon and I planted the cedar of lebanon and sometimes I wish that cars and technology were not so dominant as they are. I wish that we accorded green and growing things the sense of the sacred that we attribute to statuary that must be carefully moved. For aren't green and growing things grown by the Great Gardener after all?