Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Year Old Post

This post I wrote last year but it seems, unfortunately, not to have become irrelevant with the passage of a year (considering what has happened in London). Please note: the president mentioned is Barack Obama.

Yet, another attack. And I would hazzard to bet that no one thought it might have come from a disgruntled Brussullinian Baptist, or a Lithuanian Lutheran, a Norwegian Congregationalist, a Tridentine Catholic. And though we haven't heard from our President yet, I would bet again that he will accentuate the fact that there are dangerous fundamentalists in all religions and the egalitarian notion would be prominent in his mind that all religions have zealots and that all religions can be religions of war---excepting of course the religion of peace---and that no religion should be singled out as perhaps advocating, heaven forbid, the use of the sword. And perhaps he would even highlight that it was the Christian who brought forth a Crusade with no apparent reason, completely unprovoked. I perhaps err on expecting he will further emphasise that such a bigoted imperialistic religion as Christianity was without a shred of being instigated by the peaceful religion that lies across the desert to the East.
And may we not be told that the perpetrators have legitimate gripes against the West and treat those who really did lose such a precious gift of life as mere statistics. May these precious lives so quickly cut down be appreciated as perhaps one day being our own if we continually lack the will to go against the idol we have erected of political correctness. And for those dead: requiescant in pace Christi.

"Why this isn't Spain, It's England!"

In "A Man For All Seasons" a film about the life of St Thomas More, the Duke of Norfolk says in leiu of the approaching danger facing Sir Thomas with regard to his non-compliance to the King's demand that he recognize the King's adulterous marriage: "Why,this isn't Spain, it's England!" The line was meant to emphasize that it was Spain that had the Inquisition and England was not in the least like it. I think we in America suffer from the same dellusion as the Duke of Norfolk did (Sir Thomas was beheaded at the command of the King in Merry Ol' England). If I was to say that we have our own inquisition in place and getting more and more demanding for compliance every day most would perhaps say I was overstating the case; and if not seriously in need of therapy myself to see how nice things really are. But I thought back to the bakers who lost their livelihood simply because they would not concur in a wedding celebration that went contrary to their conscience. I was reminded again just today when I entered the town's library. There in front of me was a rainbow banner with a sampling of "Gender Identity" books. Not Shakespeare, or Dickens, or Jane Austen... no. Whether it is England or Spain we are in I think the new inquisition is ramping up. I bet St Thomas where he is now recognizes it. I'm not sure how many of us do. But don't worry for we may have the clear vision of Hans Christian Andersen before we know it. We will no doubt then realize that we may just be closer to St Thomas's times than we dare to think.

Friday, March 17, 2017

A Nice Respectible Quiet Library's Notice-Board

How does it come about where a nice respectible quiet library in a little coastal town feels compelled to have posters up on their notice-boards of Trans Task Force activities? Please wake me up somebody. I have stumbled into a hallucengenic hades I can't get out of, or the real world has become so strange a Salvadore Dali painting would seem like a mega-dose of mundane reality. How have we come down such a road which can only lead to the abyss? Were there no signs? No priests or ministers of the Gospel waving their arms for our vehicles to stop? Was there no one who could deduce a terrible danger in the twisting of the word "Discrimination"?

Thursday, March 16, 2017

A Different Kind of Pollution

After scrolling through the news I have to believe we are not in danger of an atmosphere with excess carbon or ozone holes (remember those?), but we breath in an atmosphere of spiritual corruption, the like of which our grandparents could not have dreamed. Ah yes, we care so much for purity of the earth with our earthdays, our obsession over the carbon footprint, our policing no smoking zones. Yet we don't seem to mind the sewerage we dump into the channels of our children's minds. We say we care for oil spills, nuclear waste storage, fracking, pipelines. Yet we build pipelines of perversion into the accepting fields of the primitive beauty of our children. Can we be so oblivious to the steady flow of toxic seepage?  Dare we not filter let alone stop, the drain of these PCPs into the sacred space of a child's innocence? Kindergarten is not too soon to learn about the entire spectrum of 'love' and whether it is a good time or not to decide your gender. God help us!  I'm getting sick of this poisoning of these innocent ones. Had we dumped such sewerage into the Charles or Hudson we'd be marked men. But to dump it into children today is called  'freedom', 'celebration', 'diversity'. I'm sick of it. I'm sick of our silent pulpits. I'm sick of those that twist the meanings of once good words. I'm sick of all the sit-coms, the films, the news anchors, the chatty morning shows, the PC businesses that have become the sewer pipes to flood a once beautiful country with filth. I'm sick of the new secular preachers who proselytize through their magazines, video games, billboards, classrooms. I am ashamed to be a citizen of this century. May God have mercy on us. May we seek to stand against these gutter gods and proclaim as the boy, still innocent, in the story that the emperor really doesn't have any clothes on. May we all be busy to untie that millstone that must be around our necks.

Monday, March 13, 2017

The Pursuasion of the Recent Weather

Upon seeing a possible ice age coming I am all for global warming---from the recent weather I have been pursuaded that the last thing we should be doing is curtailing any carbon exhalations. No, by all means at the risk of going against what I am told is the entire scientific population that we need to shrink the size of the carbon footprint, I suggest that we begin forthwith to increase it. Do we realize that our Star withers 590,000 tons of matter into energy every second a...nd that most of this heat is lost in the cold blackness of space? The smallest percentage touches us. A delicate balance. I urge that trees which suck in carbon dioxide at an unconscionable rate need to be removed in favor of carbon friendly parking lots and sand dunes. If we care anything about climate and its plunge into a Plutonian freeze which is firmly evidenced in the sample size of the last few days that forests be a thing of the nostalgic past. By the way, for any of you arborphiles (I used to be one until I came to my ecological senses) forests---even the smallest---dwarf a squadron of SUV flatulence in their appetite for carbon. We will be thanked no doubt for such radical response to the gasp our atmosphere has for the protective cover of greenhouse gases. And once every tree is cut down we can rest easy that a great cover of carbon will keep the earth cozy.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Climate Change and My Cat's Conclusion

Can anyone let me know how to increase one's carbon footprint? Maybe we all could start doing something to help global warming along? My cat has been homebound because of these evenings of single digits. He's dying to get out and the week's forecast looks to be exclaiming the reality of winter and no amnesty for his incarceration. What is the expression? "Always winter and never Christmas." Ah, yes, the Narnian Queen must still be alive and well! My cat hisses at the thought and stays at the window peering out at the salt laced street looking I think for Aslan. Yes, I'm thinking the same thought. May the Great Lion return and shake the golden sun of his mane and unlock us all, man and beast, from the witch's ice.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

The New Witchhunt

Just got a message from a friend concerned about my support of our current president. "But, Will, you aren't a racist..." So was his well meaning concern that how could one who purports to be a Christian support such a man as is Mr. Donald J.Trump. I wrote back---but how can one answer in a mere paragraph how the support of one who simply wishes to enforce our borders and allow us to keep our sovereignty as a nation is ipso facto a racist---a word cheapened to include anyone who dares to express an adverse opinion to unbridled and illegal "immigration" from countries that are hot beds of terrorism. But again how does one unravel, untie the knots of the propagandic press that has so influenced many of even good faith to see this man as guilty of such a thing as racism, and without a trial. I call this the new witchhunt. The Salem witchtrials are not over. They just manifest themselves in new ways and already I hear the gallows being built.