Monday, February 22, 2016

Washington's (who's he?) Birthday

Washington's birthday today. Already forgotten. Of course he's a dead European white male. And may I add 'Christian' to the mix? Thus we must celebrate the much more inclusive unoffensive comprehensive egalitarian 'presidents' day. I would like also to advocate for Senator's day and Congress-person's day. But isn't that even a little too elitist? Perhaps we should have a holiday called: 'People's day'? Or even that might be a little too exclusive---think of all the species it leaves out...Then, 'Living things day' ...wait: let's not leave unbreathing things out: perhaps; 'Organic and Inorganic Things day?' That works for me. Can't have any actual heroes that I have to look up to. Everyone equal. That will be the way I think about today. I like to be inclusive.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Hollywood's Paradigm and a Better Blueprint

May Hollywood's paradigm for beauty be resisted. The bible is a better blueprint.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Bridges and Walls

On the Pope's 'bridges and walls' comment. First, it is dangerous in that it bolsters the open border agenda of Obama---not by the way for Chaldean Christians but Syrian Muslims. And then I hear this morning on Catholic radio: "Immigration is an inherent right" said from a high ranking monsignior as if it was one of the commandments. The Monsignior spoke as if he were echoing the Pope's mind. Really? Isn't this, I thought, a sovereignty question rather than an eccliastical one? Why, had this kind of mindset been around in the 30's the Germans could've saved a lot of money on their military as the rest of Europe fulfilled their Christian duty.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

The Pope's Judgement of Mr. Trump?

I am really stumped. One gets a judgement on Mr. Trump concerning his soul because he advocates enforcing our borders? So far I don't see how Mr. Trump comes even close to the fires of Gehenna compared with those political leaders who favor destroying the 'inconveniences' in the womb of their mothers. It does seem that border enforcement has become one of the deadly sins. And another thing regarding borders: doesn't the Vatican have one? And isn't it enforced? I mean can anyone go and just take up residence? And all this 'take down the Trump rebuke' from one who has enshrined "Who am I to judge?" (I've already seen how for the common pew sitter this little phrase has become Doctrine at least in matters dealing with 'lifestyles'.)

First Thoughts on the Untimely Death of Antonin Scalia

It could be me and my increasing sceptism, nay cynicism, concerning our government that the first thing I thought on hearing of the death of Antonin Scalia was "I wonder how he died?" This was euphemistically translated from "How was he done in?" I believe that some of the things that made me think something was rotten in the state of Denmark: 1. Simply the fact that here was the conservative kingpin constitutionalist on the Court. 2. An election year with the right party in power to decide a new justice, certainly much more favorable than Scalia. 3. No sign of the Justice's ill health had been in the media 4. The unusual fact that no one in the sensationalist main stream media suggested even the possibilityof foul play. Well, all this to say, I wouldn't mind one bit to have Columbo walk onto the scene. "There's just one thing that's been bothering me..."

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

On the Loss of Justice Antonin Scalia

In the death of Justice Antonin Scalia we, who recognize in the government a Constitutional Republic, have lost a lucid leader in the determining of the law of the land. Justice Scalia was one of the few on the Court who had the courage to resist the reinterpretation of the Constitution. His unpopular dissents against the popular progressivism exemplified an Elijah fortitude. May we take his example in resisting the allure of the popular fashions of the times. May we instead seek to remain faithful to the truth of where and from Whom our freedoms have been formed.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Commanded Celebrations

Well now I am reminded on FB that it is 'Friend's Day'. Soon it will be 'President's Day'. (It used to be Washington's birthday but now of course we aren't so exclusive as to have a whole day for Washington so that the President's Day on the door of our library has the duo of Washington and Obama as representatives.) We have Secretary's day, Grandparent's day, Mother's day, Father's day, children's day, Veteran's day, boss's day...Most recent additions according to our 'openness' to sexual 'freedom' (what used to be called 'license') are 'Gay Pride day (actually these folks get an entire month) , and no doubt forthcoming will be 'Trans-gender day', 'Trans-species day', 'Non-traditional Family day', 'Celebration of Divorce day', 'Sexual Ed Teachers day'... and you can add your own. I am just so grateful that I am reminded by the totalitarian calendar-makers what I must celebrate.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Gene Editing in the UK

On hearing of the news about the gene editing in the UK. The newscaster said in her neutral voice that it paves the way for designer babies. It is a strange world isn't it when natural conceptions are brought to a clinic, and unnatural conceptions are used for experiment. Is this Dr. Mengala all over again? These Mengalian experiements seek to manipulate embryonic life. Oh yes, how they give such heavenly hope to the curing of disease and deformity. And of course embryoes conceived by IVF would have to be destroyed ('discarded' is the word the media uses like you would discard a broken doll). Thus the reasoning is, why can't we make use of them? My mother's words come back to me in italic power: "Two wrongs don't ever make a right." But I forgot that that is too absolutist isn't it? Why to say something is 'wrong' or 'right' is quite outdated. I guess I should revise my mother's words for today's modern reader: "Two innapropriatenesses don't ever make an appropriate." Perhaps that is better? Either way, I think we are scaling Babel at quite an alarming rate.

Ranchers Live Matter

I find it interesting that Mr.Robert LaVoy Finicum who was gunned down by the FBI (maybe gun control is a good idea...for gov't law officials) in being one of those trying to defend their ranches from the government grab has hardly gotten a tear of sympathy. Obama has not held a press conference and said that Mr. Finicum could be his own son, there haven't been pictures of Finicum as a twelve year old boy smiling innocently, there haven't been the Sharpton/Jackson calls to justice, there haven't been "All Ranchers' lives matter" protests. Why?