Saturday, February 25, 2017

A House Divided?

When you have witches, warlocks, necromancers, madams of tea cup reading rooms, occultists, designers of darkness, coming out to offer their solidarity in Satan against the current president does anyone bother to ask why is darkness fighting so hard against itself? Does evil come out against evil? Why would the devil and his disciples spend so much of their crystal-energy against what these very disciples say is the number one Disciple? Could it just be, perhaps just a possibility what they are fighting against has some light in it?

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Frankfurt School Schooling

This is what we, the West, are now reaping. We have become a culture schooled by the Frankfurt School. Hence, Trump is portrayed as the charicature of oppression. This must be why the exponential hatred against Trump and family. This must be the answer to the conundrum of why Melania, the immigrant first lady is not immune to the vitriol of the Immigrant Diversity Feminist folks. (After all she is an immigrant and a woman). Marx from his present vantage point must be quite pleased

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Washington's Birthday

Washington's birthday is coming up. I don't call it "Presidents' Day" because I believe heroes are essential to a culture and country and the phrase "Presidents' Day" is empty of meaning. It does not inspire a boy to heroic act. It does not inspire a boy to truth telling, to leading starving men across the Delaware in mid winter in a time of war. It does not inspire leadership of a country. I just wonder when the anti-hero holiday makers will put in to change MLK day to "Civil Rights Leaders' Day...and Christmas will be next to fall: "Religious Founders' Day". As for me and my house we will use "Washington's Birthday".

Friday, February 17, 2017

Real Life or Fiction?

"What would a culture look like molded by a pravdian media, fashion magazines, egalitarian education, the New History, Laodocean churches?" It was a question to provoke. "Yes, said, Damian Zacharine. "Jesus a sociologist of the first rank. Don't take to heart his turning over tables and brood of vipers insensitivity. Must've been added by some narrow medieval monk. And seminaries? Nurture them with sociology. We will then have made the mind ready to be molded to the religion we want them to have."

Wednesday, February 15, 2017


College. The past couple of generations colleges have, especially in the humanities, come to simply be the centers of relentless leftist indoctrination from which, it seems, few are able to resist. One learns how to hate one's country, deny the existence of God, decry parental authority, lampoon purity as puritanical repression, dogmatically follow Freud over the homely wisdom of one's father. Girls learn to grind into the dirt with goose-stepping boots their own wondrous authentic femininity, young women take Women's Studies and come to make misogyny as a synonym for man, come to embrace a family-fracturing feminism. Boys learn the shame of chivalry, learn to break the brass mold of authentic masculinity for the plastic heart of a playboy. No wonder the youth we so unthinkingly send to these palaces of propaganda return with such jaded souls. May such places of higher learning be boycotted in favor of having our books at home. Then perhaps our psychologically poisoned planet can--- with the help of heaven---have at least a chance of being made pure.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Super Bowl LI

21-0. Then 28-3. Last round. Bad cuts above the eyes. Time running out. The old champion sags against the ropes. Jab, left hook, right cross. Knees buckle. Out on his feet. Hits the canvas. Rises at the count of nine. Waits. Collects himself. Parries the next right hand and unleashes his own hook. The challenger goes down. Count to ten. He is out. The champion's hand is raised. Still heavyweight champion of the world. It is the heart of a champion that continues contracting.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Race Relations

A blind black woman got on the bus yesterday. She was perhaps the happiest person on the bus. She thanked the white driver (he was a kind person who stopped the... bus, lowered the step, told her to wait where she was, took her hands and ushered her onto the bus, cleaned off the seat before she sat down, didn't let go of her hands until she lowered herself gently onto the seat, then got back into his driver's seat...). The blind black woman remarked how cold it was (not complaining but just observing)---all the time smiling as if everything in her world was beautiful. I imagined no media outlet would have thought this kind of race relations would be worth reporting.

Trump's Court Nominee and PP

So PP is against this Court Nominee? I can't blame them. They don't want to lose funds. How will they be able to afford to get new forceps when the old ones get worn out? After all I imagine baby bones and skulls take their toll on their tools of the trade.