Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Thirty-One Possibilities in New York

The world is changing at warp speed. New York City, is, as we speak, setting up laws distinguishing thirty-one possibilities of 'gender'-choice with concurrent penalties and fines for not recognizing and complying, and may I say, 'celebrating' them?. Could even the most Orwellian imagination have conceived of this even a few years ago? Could we have realized the abolition of man with such a heavy-handedness in the home of the free and the home of the brave? Just wait, my friends. You thought we already had revisionist history. I'm sure the mandate will get around to schoolboy's texts. They will be recalled and rewritten to fit this new narrative. Our children will be engineered. Leave no child behind. Hillary's Village will indeed raise them if we let her. Unless of course we fight back. In the pulpit, in all our forums, personal and public.In the voting booth. Aren't the children worth fighting for?

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Long Hill

Long Hill: azalea, solomon seal, money plant, ajuga, bluebell, silverbell, redbud, dogwood, bleeding heart, allium, poppy, fothergilla, forget-me-not, lilac, trillium, winged euonymous, rhododendron, mytle. Just a few of the flowering perenials, biannuals, annuals, trees in bloom. I wonder if bees wrestle with the idea of God. Somehow I don't think so.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Demons as the Default

On hearing a sermon this morning... The gospel was the account of Jesus casting the demon out of a possessed boy. The boy had been casting himself into the fire, frothing at the mouth. "Well," said the preacher, "There is the possibility this was a sickness which was attributed to the demonic of that day." In other words demons were the default. This is the 'novel' idea that the NT primitive mind was locked into seeing demons in what is no more than a little bacterial inflamation, or a mischievious virus. Can one assume then the Great Physician Himself was fooled by the archaic assumptions of his own times? Does it never occur to us that, God forbid!, we might perhaps be deceived by the materialist and biological assumptions of disease in our own day? Maybe we discount demons too easily. The way the world continues maybe the ancients were quite correct in attributing so much to the demonic. The more many cast ourselves into the fire and froth at the mouth and call it normal and get us to call it normal--- perhaps this can only be explained if one accepts the demonic as a distinct possibility? As I read and see the latest cultural trends I must conclude that perhaps we moderns have it backwards. Perhaps demons are more often the correct answer and we must be not so much cured of a disease but exorcised of a demon. 

Friday, May 13, 2016

Obama's New Mandate to the Schools

If there hasn't been a stronger call to withdraw the children from the government schools I think this last mandate (in latin 'mandatum' means command) has made it clear what Baal's bureacracy means to do to the children. My dream is that all Christian parents will at once remove their children from the Indoctrination Centers and teach them in their homes. But be aware that the current administration will seek to make homes install new bathrooms so that the private home will be in compliance.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Way These Birds are Painted

This morning was able to get out to the wilderness of Marblehead: the Audobon Sanctuary. The way these birds are painted I hope will always astonish me as it did today. For one: the brilliance of the scarlet tanager. I don't know if you can get a purer red. It was what the color red was made for. I imagined God even in his omnipotence had to be right pleased with how RED came out on this bird. And the woman that was nearby (there were a few birders there) remarked how it was indeed fascinating how such species as the scarlet tanager received their red from the various adaptions gained from the steady and progressive possibilities in the primordial soup. How could one let that go without answer? Mustn't such a red come from not only an Artist extroadinare but a Pigment Specialist that must forever astonish us with his living flying feathered color? And of course I could've asked how our binoculars came to be. Did someone build them; or did they arise from lenses, knobs, casing arising spontaneously off the floor of a field-glasses factory?

Saturday, May 7, 2016

The Non-Political Woods

So good to get out into the non-political woods today. Hearing the titmice pure whistle through the gray air is a sound to clean my mind; and the still bare limbs of trees, the white oak and red oak, the yellow birch, the cherry red leaved and flowering, seem to me the companions that I yearn for and who I will always yearn for.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Spurgeon's Choosing Between Two Evils

People have been quoting Spurgeon's quote about 'not choosing between two evils' as if Spurgeon had this coming election in mind. But even if he had, doesn't it present a problem for could it not be said that we are always choosing a lesser 'evil'.  What of a choice between a business man who ran a casino (for the record I'm not a fan of casinos) and a Josef Mengele? Should one still sit out the election because both were deemed 'evil'? I believe Christian theology continues to make the point that no one is good (apart from God's grace) let alone perfect. We are all fallen. So my fellow citizens, we are not electing a pope. As a matter of fact, has there ever been a president who was free from all sin? The point is: which candidate has more potential to do insidious evil and which has at least some potential for good? I think Spurgeon would cast his vote.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Not Just as Some Distant Deity

It is so amazingly refreshing to have your vision exposed to beauty, the incredible loveliness of form, realizing you know the designer and not just as some distant deity but as a friend, a friend that you are always with, and who is the very reason you have oxygen ready made for your lungs, and the delights of the natural and spiritual world available to that part of your mind or soul so hungry for someone to thank. Deo gratias.

Monday, May 2, 2016

The Matastisizing Manufactured Hate

How can one not observe the matastisizing manufactured hate that is the cancer in our culture? One sees evidence of it as if one is looking at an incriminating x-ray. Is there a petri-dish in which such a cancer is created? By any chance could college be the incubator? Could such laboratories be incubating as well the marxist holier than thou righteousness which ironically preaches peace and love while instilling tangible hatred for anything traditional. Whatever it is in the petri-dish one things for sure: the metastisizing tumor of terror seems in full vigor. Maybe colleges which are bent on creating---not good citizens---but a cornucopia of malignant minds should be boycotted. Yes, by all means Target, but perhaps also these mainstream institutions of higher learning.

The Trend Applied to Arithmetic

Seeing the trend in accomodation I hope---because of my own confusion in simple arithmetic (I have been unsure about 1+1 and its answer which no doubt is a testimony to gradeschool conditioning)--- to lobby for a set of new arithmetic textbooks for the schools. After all why should we have to submit to the traditional status quo math? Isn't that rather narrowminded? And of course not only the new arithmetic texts but also new classes. I can't help but being confident, nay cer...tain, that in such an open-minded culture my request will be readily adopted by all the emancipated policy makers, governors, school boards, et al. And I trust that we can count on the open-minded, un-bigoted, non-hating musicians to boycott those that try and keep to the traditional math. I don't doubt that we are coming to a social ethic among nearly all the citizens (excepting of course the fanatical fundamentalists and other hate groups) that will see the irresistable compassion in this proposal. I'm sure once it gets passed you'll see the freedom to believe in any answer to 1+1 become quite respected and much more commonplace. It really heightens my confidence in such an un-hubrissed humanity that will bring a much needed open-mindedness to the mathematical sciences. To release the mind of its mathematical fascism is indeed worthy of a great liberating movement. May it be so.