Thursday, April 28, 2016

Tolerance, the Fourth Theological Virtue

Tolerance. This must be fourth theological virtue that St Paul missed. Nonetheless, I try to resist being intolerant but it is hard. I expect to find solidarity in liberal role models and see that they don't seem to tolerate much tolerance. Andrew Jackson for example. Why, to remove someone's countenance from a currency must be an arduous task and take a good deal of effort---a bit more than just leaving the dead white anglo-saxon protestant to remain. And not only the effort, but the expense of a country trillions in the red. You would think a country in this financial fallout would try to tolerate a little more so as to cut some corners off the negative trillions. Perhaps we just need more tolerance-bumper stickers (maybe with Mr. Jackson's face in an apologetic attitude of course) on the rear ends of our Lexuses and BMWs and Volvos. This I think will help to keep tolerance in its rightful place over the others St Paul suggested.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The White-Throated Sparrow

The white-throated sparrow. Observed one up close today at Steer swamp. The markings, the black lines circumnavigating the crown, the white throat, the yellow dot by the eye, the shades of brown and copper on the wing. Well, I must confess at these times I'm guite relieved to believe in God. To not believe in the Artist would really make bland a visit to the art museum.

Monday, April 25, 2016

On the Social Construct of Gravity

A friend just posted a satirical post on gravity as a social construct. But how can he be satirical about such a thing? Certainly it depends on how one feels. Isn't it freeing to free one bound by the slavery to outdated norms of gravity? Shouldn't we encourage any of our gravity-oppressed brethren to flap their arms and release themselves from the puritanical old science? Really, I might just have to unfriend my friend for posting such an unfeeling, narrowminded idea. Why ke...ep people from realizing their new reality and inhibit them from walking off of buildings, keep those who think themselves a winged avis from jumping out of skyscraper windows, keep teachers from teaching the open-minded view and catechizing gravityphobes out of their phobia? Maybe we who aren't haters will fight for unbigoted science that give the appropriate vision that gravity indeed is a social construct. It is as one great philosopher once said: "Gravity is dead." Thus please cancel any of your concerts against such a hateful law that would prohibit walking off the Tobin Bridge. Shouldn't we fight for our friends to pursue such a freedom?

Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Currency of the Politically Correct Future

The cow-towing to political correctness seems to have no end. And I find it interesting that many who claim (on certain issues) 'who are we to judge?' are so quick to judge people of the past with our updated moralities. I have to wonder when will the first abortion provider take the place of Lincoln on the Five, or the first HS married couple replace Hamilton on the Ten, or perhaps even the first sex-inclusive bathroom be featured on our currency? I confidently expect it won't be long with the courageously compassionate tolerant inclusive leadership that we currently have.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Andrew Jackson the Latest Casualty

My two cents, or my twenty, for what it's worth on the deletion of Andrew Jackson to be replaced with Harriet Tubman.

Let me first say, I don't have anything against Miss Tubman. But I do have something against the politically correct conformity that has infected everything in our society from Civil War monuments to the St Andrew's Flag, to the sanitizing of speech, to the boycotting of states for bathroom 'discrimination' (boy! how that word really has been worked!)...I beli...eve this yet new issue of taking down a monument which our currency is is the same motive of the current fashion of calumniating Columbus, Jefferson, Washington...Jackson was just the easiest to topple and you will see as with the recent taking down of the politically incorrect monuments, the taking down of any white anglo-saxon protestant (or Catholic) male of history, the bending over backwards of what saner times would've called insanity, perversion, disorder. I saw the leftist bigotry beginning in my college days demonizing dead white european males and the WASP (the acronym tell us anything?). Is it really far-fetched to see that our history will be eventually completely revisioned to falsely fit the modernist multiculturalism of the present day? Has anyone dared to wonder that this precedent of replacing a historical figure could---oh, conspiracy conspiracy!---be at least partly orchestrated so Barack will get his stage in the not too distant future?

With this precedent it won't be too long down the road where Washington and Jefferson will go (who remembers Washington's birthday?). Well, instead of Obama on the One give me Geronimo. Talk about someone who has been slighted! He was the chief of the entire Apache Nation (I don't believe they were confused about manhood and womanhood). Obama was merely chief of the confused states (except for NC) of modern America.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Linguistic Lessons

I've been taking some linguistic lessons and I am coining a term for the Ringoes, Bruces, Michael Moors---wouldn't they be statophobes? Or Northcarolinaphobes? Granted I'm not much of a wordsmith but I think the principles of the present wordsmiths can be applied. Or perhaps it is we that resent them who are musicophobes and filmaphobes? Or perhaps perhaps hypocriticophobes?

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Yet Another Hedonistic Enlightenment

So now celebrities are coming out of the woodwork, the bathroom woodwork, in order to show their solidarity for yet another hedonistic enlightenment---I wonder where all this sudden self-righteousness (which they continually condemn in those of us superstitious religious people) comes from. While such a flagrant injustice as sex-specific bathrooms had existed ever since bathrooms existed where were all the protestations during such an oppression? It is unnerving to observe how history is so silent about this monstrous injustice. So in my historical reading I keep expecting to read some great enlightened individual like Ghandi, or MLK, or William Wilberforce to have made this  his ultimate cause. Certainly someone in the past would've thought to stop this oppression. Yet, not a word until our current times! Quite disconcerting that compassion has not happened until our own day. But at least today we have great liberators to liberate bathroom accessibility. At last, at last!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

In the End Times

In the end times even the very elect will be deceived. Who ever thought such a prophecy would be realized in our own times? The fact that the present propaganda is so sophisticated as would make the Nazi wordsmith Goebbels envious---should this not be a cause of concern? And should it not make us sensitive to the political words we are spoon-fed? May we spit them out as wormwood-bitter to our taste.

Another Angst Introduced

It strikes me as queer that all these posters on "Sexual Assault Awareness Month" plaster the walls of this christian campus. With all these warnings I would think this small little college must be one of the most sexually violent in New England. Yet, I hadn't heard of even one rape in the news. I looked at one of the ubiquitious posters more closely: the first talk will be: "Hunting Ground Habitats"; the next: "Look Out For Your Siblings". I tried to make sense of why such a peaceful, quiet, campus would advocate such an angst among its students. Could it possibly be the same impetus that had not long ago been the dominant wall-paper here: "White Privilege Awareness", "Racial Awareness", "Islamophobia Disease Awareness", "Homophobic Awareness", and so many other critical awarenessess. Perhaps higher education means that students must be made or manufactured to be the most aware people in such a white-male-dangerous universe.

A New Awareness Month

At a Christian college I notice the posters. April I didn't know is "Sexual Assualt Awareness Month" (interestingly I didn't see any reference to 'the Bathroom Bill' which in my own intolerant ignorance seems like a logical enemy?). Might such walls also alert us that "Gender Diversity Days" will soon be upon us? That the evangelism in the poster, "The Evolution of Eve" will begin the five part series in Womyn's Studies? It continually appears as if we have finally found the real thrust of Christianity in our colleges. Walls do make quite the profound pulpit after all.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Poland, Stay Strong

Poland, stay strong. Even if everyone walks out of your churches. Even if the pews become empty. Even if not a zloty gets put in the collection. Stay strong.

"The Far Right Administration of Poland"

The news from Poland is that their 'far right administration' (my quotes) has put forth a proposal to ban abortion in Poland. Hmmm. I somehow noticed the phrase 'far right administration'. I guess 'far right' in our world first of all means outside of the normal. 'Right' of course conjures up ridiculous things like religious fanaticism. And of course 'far' proposes even a more radical fanatic. Interesting that the media should feel called upon to inform us with such an adject...ival phrase instead of merely 'the administration of Poland'. Perhaps the media doesn't think we are smart enough to detect the abnormality of such an administration that has the audacity to reject the inherent humanitarian and hedonistic and lawful and Darwinian right to terminate the mere bit of embryonic tissue arisen in the womb of a woman. But then wasn't it the 'far right' Hitler that advocated the same thing? Hmmm. I'm quite confused. I might not be so confused if the media would just use nouns.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Pro-Life Inconsitancy

The ire that was showed to Trump for his---heaven forbid---audacity to suggest some penalty---well it does seem an incredible inconsistency. One can believe in mercy---here I am not arguing one way or the other, but only on the inconstancy of our PC that has so infected us that we are not willing to follow through on what we call things. We say abortion is 'murder' but almost act as if to terminate a child was merely a light-hearted inappropriateness. How else to explain the ire raised against anyone who dare say it is so severe a thing to take a life that something more than an embrace is required?