Monday, November 18, 2013

Lead Lipstick

I come upon a post from an oncologist about lipstick causing cancer as most of it contains of the posts answers that the particular woman that posted it doesn't need makeup---but I wish here to assert with all my linguistic might that no woman that I know needs it. They all have natural beauty, i.e., beauty that God has uniquely given each one of them, without any help from the cosmetic industry, thank you very much. How is it we are so brainwashed as to paint flowers?

Healthcare Hookup Billboards

Healthcare Hookup billboards coming to a neighborhood near you! And the thing is---and we all know this---the liberating consequence in guvuhmint giving this a thumbs-up. It will be like a teacher handing out gum to her third-graders and saying, "chew to your heart's content." What do we think will happen?

Thursday, November 7, 2013

the musical instruments of hell

I used to imagine the musical instruments of hell were raucous death metal guitars, or the thump of hip-hip subwoofers, or the cacophonies of John Cage. But I have come to conclude that none of these disturb and unsettle the auditory senses so much as the ubiquitous monotony of the leaf blower---if preachers would only make use of this eventual reality I think many would begin traveling down the narrow way of Faith and Virtue. And it is certain that such unrest would never enter the perpetual peace of that country and its quiet would only ever be intermittently broken by the sweet scrape of a rake on the glad gold streets.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Removing of Princess from Your Daughter

A new website for tweens and teens presents alternatives to 'princess' for your daughter. Instead others are suggested as being more conducive and less limiting to the dignity of the new girl: "warrior" curiously heads the list, a typical manly characteristic. Isn't it worthy of note that we seek (by the new propaganda) to blur girlhood and boyhood? After all aren't they merely societal constructs? Who then, may I ask, in this new societal paradigm, is the noble boy to rescue and protect?

Beech Trees

Copper, yellow, sienna, the color of coffee with a double shot of crème---these the colors of the Wenham Woods this morning. How does color come, and how do our eyes convince our brains and hearts to comprehend this gift, this gift that is the autumn gratuity of leaves?

Monday, November 4, 2013


Ironic how the news service provides a provocative picture of a Hollywoodite in a revealing dress calling this 'daring'. What is daring, may I ask, about immodesty today? Perhaps in more puritanical times but in these times of anatomical revelation? Wouldn't it rather be 'daring' to wear a formless dress that revealed nothing but the inherent beauty of a girl?

Saturday, November 2, 2013

the beauty of the marshes

After seeing the beauty of the marshes up in Scarborough Maine I visited Plum Island and the marshes there, and then down to the Rough Meadows Wildlife Refuge where I checked out more of the sea hay, cord grass, and perhaps might even see a glossy ibis (my Maine friend had told me of) if I was lucky. Needless to say a few black ducks were the extent of any ornithological conquests but nonetheless, the most amazing yellow, copper, brown, grasses stretching as far as the Dakotas it seemed greeted my eyes in all directions. I will not think of only trees now when I think of fall color. How after this cannot one be grateful of grass?