Saturday, April 29, 2017

Egalitarian Likes

I notice that my friends on FB who are good looking gals get hundreds of likes for perhaps posting the picture of a common English sparrow at a bird feeder (and I certainly don't begrudge them one like ) but I wonder where the equality folks for us average guys who are lucky to get a dozen likes for posting the rare sighting of a philanthapus owl. It seems to be the equal pay for equal work folks, those justifiably obsessed with making us and our results all equal need to be poked as they sleep through this great injustice.

Saturday Morning Wenham Woods

Great to run into a friend, Keith Doyle, this morning in my expedition out to the Wenham woods in search of red bellied woodpeckers, chickadees, pileateds, magnolia warblers, owls. Skunk cabbage, dandelion, wood anemone, swamp maples, much to take note of. But what captured our attention more than anything else was a tiny moth, the color of a striking mauve while he flew and blended in among the pebbles when he folded his wings and was still. Quite a museum we live in.

Without God Everything is Permissible

Fine reading and commentary from Eric Josephson today at St Mary's Men's Group on Laura Ingraham's book, "Shut Up and Sing". One of the men commented that the book seems even more germain today (the book is vintage 2003) in its highlighting of the Elites' critique of anything religious, virtuous as transgressing our freedom. I would just add that what the "Elites" fail to see is that it is belief in the Transcendant Truth that even permits anything like freedom. And without such an Anchor we are adrift on a very dangerous windswept sea.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Gravity as Social Construct

A friend just posted a post on gravity as a social construct. I must concur. As with so much of modern society it really depends on how one feels. Thus I see no reason not to include Newtonian gravity among those things we often felt in a less enlightened time as scientific intangibles. After all, isn't it freeing to free one bound by the slavery to outdated norms? Shouldn't we encourage any of our gravity-oppressed brethren to flap their arms and release themselves from the puritanical old science? Really, I might just have to reaffirm my friend for posting such a broad-minded idea. We must certainly encourage people in realizing their new reality and free them from their restrictive inhibitions that keep them from experiencing the novelty of walking off of buildings, freeing those who think themselves winged avises for the luxury of jumping out of skyscraper windows, free teachers to teach the open-minded view, catechize gravityphobes out of their phobia. Maybe we who aren't haters will fight for unbigoted science that will give the appropriate vision that gravity indeed is a social construct. It is as one great philosopher once said: "Gravity is dead." Thus please cancel any of your concerts against such a hateful law that would prohibit walking off the Tobin Bridge. Shouldn't we fight for our friends to pursue such a long awaited liberating freedom?

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Close Call

Close call. Riding my bicycle right side of the road and coming upon a car coming the other way I was about to stay on my side of the road and pass by the fork in the road. Last minute (little did I think this word 'last' might have been meaningful in a way I was about to suddenly realize) just before the fork I perceived that the car was not slowing down and was angling toward me. I swerved to the left avoiding the car which had morphed into a weapon and as the handler of the weapon passed into the fork I saw her. She was texting. She was able to find the fork without ever looking up from the essential text she was sending.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Unkempt House

An unkempt house, unpainted shingles, dark windows, obscured porch with junipers, a roof blotched with barnacles and a yard some might call unkempt, unmowed. But so much of a congregation of many colored crocuses that make me wish we all were a little more infected with such eccentricities as the owner of this unkempt house with the unpainted shingles.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

In Response to the Concern that Syria Used Chemical Weapons

I see your points, my friends, but I guess my point is: what is to prevent another nation from striking us considering the fact that we use chemical warfare against the most vulnerable every the womb... At the least it is a very grave thing to transgress the sovereignty of a nation and that as well is a Pandora's Box that once opened will let things out that we might not wish were let out.

The Attack Against Syria

I must raise a question concerning the attack against Syria. I do so for the reason that once one allows for a nation's borders to be transgressed with missiles---even if it be a worthy cause, i.e. the gassing of one's own people (and whether the perpetrator is Assad or ISIS is, I think, a debatable point)---then a sovereign threshold has been crossed. It doesn't seem to be far-fetched then to wonder if another country, say Russia would then be justified in sending missiles our way in that, while we don't gas our children, we do poison them in the womb? Perhaps at one time we had the moral high ground; but now with our rampant relativism and our celebration of so much that is counter to Christ, I believe we have lost such a moral authority. It might be that we need to take a look first at the plank in our own eye. Just something to think about.

Monday, April 3, 2017

The Outfield Grass

In passing the ball field at Seaside Park I saw the outfield just this morning disrobed of her winter tarp. The green. How could green be so green? If you ever doubted the photosynthetic miracle that is in every blade, every blade a Silicone Valley of organic activity you couldn't doubt it any more. I stopped. "Can chlorophyll do this? Can chlorophyll really create this kind of color?"