Saturday, June 24, 2017

The Physics of Heaven

When one thinks of the speed of light and how when things approach it they approach infinity, the place where time does not move forward but stands still---should this fact not fail to astonish? That even at 93 million miles away in cold space the sun's rays, only a small proportion of which actually make it to earth, can sufficiently heat it? That as I write this little thought down I'm in a t-shirt and shorts on a June day and am not anxious that when I step outside into the world I will not be fried with Mercurial heat or have a blast of absolute zero freezing me solid? And not only is this not an anxiety but the fact that these photons travel 186,000 miles per second---this the Einstonian speed limit for the universe---doesn't make me duck in a hopeless gesture of avoidance (as you would expect)? This bigness for bigness it is...doesn't it make humility of the human an easy thing to accomplish in such a light?


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